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that freakin wikileaks dump

Troubled Wikileaks Moves To Pirate Party Domain – "After being cut off by its nameserver provider EveryDNS, Wikileaks has moved to a domain registered by Pirate Party Switzerland." proud to be a member.

OMG! WikiLeaks hit home – "wikileaks just released 23 billion teenager texts…"

WikiLeaks cables: Live Q&A with Julian Assange – "The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, will be live online from 1pm today to answer readers' questions about the release of more than 250,000 US diplomatic cables"

online video guy killed the …

My mum's reaction to a giant snow cock i built in the front garden – "i built a massive cock made of snow in my front garden then filmed my mums reaction to it ahahahah" [via b3ta]

New York City – these guys stuck a camera onto a rc heli and flew it over nyc. amazing. my new hobby? nah, still too lame.

Glide 2 – "Both glides were filmed by sticking a – relatively cheap – digital camera out of the window of a train as it arrived at a station. The ‘trick’ is the camera collects images at a rate of 210 per second – but the film is played back at 30 frames per second." love the effect.

Logitech Revue with Google TV – Kevin Bacon – warning: commercial. but funny. kevin bacon plays his own biggest fan…

Nude Protest: Airport Body Scanners in Germany – "members of the Pirate Party in Germany organized a fleshmob of people who stripped down to their skivvies last Sunday and converged on the Berlin-Tegal airport."

Making-Of sicherstes Fahrradschloss – "The lock wraps around a lamp post. Attach the bicycle to it, and then the user activates a remote-controlled motor. The lock climbs up the lamp post"

PLASTIC STATE OF MIND – Black Friday Parody – "BP's oil spill – Almost like we did it – We use one million grocery-bags – every single minute"

schmooze and abuse

rule #34 – If it exists there IS porn of it – seems to be true, i tried pants. [via b3ta]

A Small iOS 4 on iPad Annoyance – "I’m not gonna bitch about the bloody screen orientation lock switch (i’ve done so already). Instead i’m going to complain about the german language onscreen keyboard in iOS 4 on iPad." this is exactly the rant i wanted to write, but i was too lazy. thanks christoph!

Snowmen. – "First snow today." well, a few days ago now

Ten great years – it's always amazing to remember that this band only lasted 10 years…

Trip-tastic – "An Art Basel Miami Beach fairgoer was so enthralled with a Robert Rauschenberg painting at Faurschou (A4) that he failed to spot the pile of Ai Weiwei’s ceramic sunflower seeds sitting in front of the painting, kicking the tiny seeds across the floor." he might have been trippin… like.

The SoundCloud iPhone App – "As mentioned in today’s update, the iPhone app now also supports the Record feature and will allow you to capture and share any type of sound while you’re on the move."

24 ways – web design and development articles and tutorials for advent – "24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer." [via endgadgeted]

Reeder for Mac Public Beta – i love reeder on my iPad, so let's take this for a test-spin fo sho

Hexstatic present TRAILER TRAX – “FREE FREE FREE!!! including all the bonus remixes + Lord Fader's remix video + the pdf album booklet containing a link to your free 60 min Trailer Trax iPod movie.” boahh. is it xmas already?

Mark Sinckler’s mural slammed as “angelic tribute” to terrorists – "Artist Mark Sinckler has been savaged by the conservative press for his mural “Age of Shiva“, which is currently on display at Banksy’s Marks & Stencils pop-up gallery. The piece depicts the aftermath of the July 7, 2005 bus bombing in London, with angels circling the wreckage and the victims ascending into the heavens."

How to Make Google Translate Beatbox – "One enterprising redditor named harrichr found that it is possible to make Google Translate’s audio function generate a beatbox sound. Here’s the process." it really really really works.

How to use AirPrint with any printer – "If you own a Mac and a printer, you can use AirPrint. In fact, your printer doesn’t even have to be wireless."

I Wish This Was – "New Orleans is full of vacant storefronts and people who need things. My neighborhood is still without a full-service grocery store. So I made these fill-in-the-blank stickers to give us an easy tool to voice what we want where we want it. Fill them out and put them on abandoned buildings and beyond. The stickers are custom vinyl and can be easily removed without damaging property."

Hermann Josef Hack = World Climate Refugee Camp – german artist hermann josef hack built a "World Climate Refugee Camp" in munich.

lead pencil studio: non-sign II – "‘non-sign II’ is an installation by seattle based art collective lead pencil studio located at the canada-US border near vancouver. the sculpture is made from small stainless steel rods that are assembled together to create the negative space of a billboard. while most billboards draw attention away from the landscape ‘non-sign II’ frames the landscape, focusing attention back on it. "

‘Struggling’ Screenwriter Sued By Twentieth Century Fox For $12 Million – "Described online as a struggling screenwriter who sells flowers to make ends meet, P.J. McIlvaine is now facing the biggest struggle of her life. After creating a free online library of Hollywood movie scripts to assist other screenwriters, she incurred the wrath of Twentieth Century Fox."

The internet's cyber radicals: heroes of the web changing the world – "A generation of political activists have been transformed by new tools developed on the internet. Here, a leading net commentator profiles seven young radicals from around the world"

schwitz focus [german only shizzle]

Abstimmungskater: Fremdschämen in Basel – "Nach der Annahme der "Ausschaffungs-Initiative": Spinnt eigentlich die ­ganze Schweiz? Nein, in den Städten und unter Kulturschaffenden herrscht Vernunft"

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