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online video killed the …

David Frost Interviews Julian Assange – "Courage is contagious."

SEXY CHRISTMAS TREAT (NSFW) – "Sexy Santa strip to get you into the festive spirit. Enjoy!!!"

3 Ways To Open a Conversation With a Woman – "Keep a pen and paper handy, folks, cause someones about to drop some knowledge…."

My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview – "Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield star in this fruity sketch from The One Ronnie"

Grandpa loves his new towel – "Verry funny and sexy too 😀 lol"

DAF – Die Lüge – "Kids love DAF."

Good One [Movie Laughter Supercut] – didn't make me laugh, am i sad?

Rap News 6 – Wikileaks' Cablegate: the truth is out there – "Will the world ever be the same again? Join your affable host Robert Foster, as he executes a rhyme inquisition on some of the key players in the Wiki-saga. It's diplomatic Rhym-aggedon…" via subtruth

Short films: Meet the directors who grab your attention and don't let go – "From attention-grabbing promos to thoughtful documentaries, a new crop of directors is creating innovative and daring pictures that are cheap to make, easy to share, and finding an audience as never before. "

Fried Gnocchi – "how not to prepare gnocchi."

A semi-alphabetical listing of Black actors with speaking roles on Friends – "great song containing all the black actors with speaking roles on 'Friends.' "

Pink Panther – "Synthesizor bass line. With some live drumming, and brass" oh indeed

schmooze and abuse

B3TA REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2010 A TO Z – "this is the best job in the world. Someone is offering money to sponsor the newsletter and we can write what the hell we want."

New hardware uses concentrated solar to produce hydrogen – "The authors demonstrate a device that is capable of taking solar energy and using it directly to split water, releasing oxygen and hydrogen"

CONFESSIONS WILL END AT – spotted by terry, letting it hang

Petroleum Nativity – "My friends Erik and Kelly of Homegrown Evolution sent me my favorite Christmas card this year."

Sincerely Hana: “Switcheroo” – couples mashed up

porn without porn – just what it says on the tin

Suicide bombers: fanatics, or suicidally depressed? – "they are suicidally depressed people who use the excuse of dying for a cause to psych themselves up to commit the deed, and as a loophole for committing suicide without committing a sin."

Does God Exist? Ricky Gervais Takes Your Questions – "Earlier this week, in an essay that drew a deluge of comments, British comic, actor and filmmaker Ricky Gervais argued against the existence of God. To give Wall Street Journal readers a chance to respond, we asked Gervais to answer via email some of the most frequently asked questions about his article."

Russian art anarchists explain themselves | Banksy's new favourites Voina speak from prison – "Contemporary art is, first of all, an art activism for us, and not the piles of the art-rubbish kept in the galleries."

MOCA, Deitch, Blu, Censorship and The State Of Today's Museums – "Our hope is that the final outcome from all of the discussion this month about Blu, Deitch, MOCA, and censorship is that it will become a clear catalyst for Deitch, the curators, and the artists, to be even more daring with their work and its message INSIDE, knowing now that this will not be the case OUTSIDE."

Neo-Nazis go nuts over black Thor in Marvel movie – "Various neo-Nazi nutjobs in the USA are up in arms at the news that Marvel Comics is doing a Thor movie in which some of the Norse gods are played by black actors."

snow graffiti – nothing !

Freebie Alert : Printable Free Compliments Poster! – "Fill in Your Own Free Compliments Poster PDF"

Minimalist effect in the maximalist market – "Our last project is about simplicity and we try to find alternate simple versions for some package samples of the international brands. We think almost every product needs some review for minimal feeling. "

8-Year-Olds Publish Scientific Bee Study – "A group of British schoolchildren may be the youngest scientists ever to have their work published in a peer-reviewed journal. "

The Blast Shack – "This is gonna get worse before it gets better, and it’s gonna get worse for a long time. Like leaks in a house where the pipes froze." bruce sterling's take on the whole wikileaks situation

Brian Eno / Generative Art Exhibition '77 Million Paintings' to be unveiled in Canada in January with two illustrated talks – "Following this year's release of Small Craft On A Milk Sea, Brian Eno will head to Canada for the launch of his generative art installation 77 Million Paintings."

Why Apple Removed a WikiLeaks App From Its Store – "Apple on Tuesday confirmed that it had removed from its online store an iPhone and iPad app that let users view the content on the WikiLeaks site and follow the WikiLeaks Twitter account."

The Thick Of It gets dedicated iPhone app – "Armando Iannucci's genius political satire The Thick Of It gets its own iPhone app this week in the shape of 'Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone' – essentially letting you see the angry spin doctor's darkest secrets."

I Can't Stand World of Warcraft – "The question I keep asking myself: Do I need help? I'm quite literally doing the same thing over and over again, and I'm paying to do it. That strikes me as insane behavior."

David Lynch: 'I'm not a musician but I love making music. It's a blast.' – "The film director talks about his new single, Mad Men, WikiLeaks and what he wants for Christmas"

Microsoft Blocking Kinect Sex Games – "Microsoft said it will block software developer ThriXXX from releasing its newly revealed Kinect software on the Xbox 360 console."

20 minute Amorphous Androgynous mix sampler – "Here’s 20 minutes from it, turn on, tune in, freak out."


Mehr De:Bug PDFs – "Jetzt nachholen, unterwegs lesen, und ins digitale Archiv mit den kleinen."

Yuppies gegen Gentrification – nice spoof, yuppies against gentrification, german only

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