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Making maple syrup in a hotter world – "It's a hard line to walk. The family featured in this video has recently experienced some of the worst years for making maple syrup in four generations. But, because weather isn't climate, next year could be better for them, even as the climate, overall, continues to warm."

Bill Murray anti-tech rant: robots, digital watches, talking cars, 1982 – "Who in the hell is thinkin' up this stuff? High tech stuff."

Benjamín Agüero hijo de Sergio Kun Agüero – "Warning: Even if you don't have ovaries, this will probably make them explode. " the next maradoooooooo, maradooo

schmooze and abuse

Happy 2011! – I quite like this photo…

The Sol Cinema – World's smallest solar movie Theatre – "“The Sol Cinema is the world’s smallest cinemas that uses only the power of the sun to entertain while being green. The Sol Cinema has been lavished with pride and style. We use an LED projector showing short movies in cinematic surroundings. We use lithium batteries to store the energy from the Sun to power the cinema all day and night. Our photovoltaic panels harness the sunlight, even as the films are being shown, so we never run out of power.” "

Celery salad with feta and soft-boiled egg recipe – "When you've overdone it the night, or week, before, comfort food is always a good idea. And it's an even better one when it's good for you, too" niammmmmmmm

Radiohead Charity Pay-What-You-Want DVD On BitTorrent – "In January 2010, in response to the emerging tragedy from the earthquake in Haiti, Radiohead performed before a limited audience at a charity concert in the United States. Since that performance, footage of the event has been painstakingly compiled by fans and now a twin DVD has been released, endorsed by the band. All proceeds are going to charity and the fastest way of acquiring it? BitTorrent of course."

FireCraft for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store – "FireCraft is all about building your own firework rockets and giving amazing Firework-Shows." better than blowing up real crap?

Are Humans Evolving to Be Dumber? – "Over the past 20,000 years, the average volume of the human male brain has decreased from 1,500 cubic centimeters to 1,350 cc, losing a chunk the size of a tennis ball."

Debating a Christian – The Flowchart – thankfully most disussions will be very short when using this flowchart

iPhone cookies on sale in Japan [$33 each, totally delicious] – "20 cookies a day, $33 each, 5 day work week, that’s $3300 a week. Time to take some baking classes."

Is Recycling Worth It? – "As if the recession hasn’t dug its claws into enough budgets and bottom lines, here’s another victim to add to its fiscal hit list: recycling programs."

iotacons – "Iotacons are extremely low resolution portraits. They are so different from my regular style that I thought I'd better give them a separate home." this has been done of course, remember craig robinson's minipops? but these are cute

New Scientist TV: – "What is probably the world's smallest periodic table has been printed on a single hair belonging to Martyn Poliakoff at Nottingham University, UK."


New Journalism: „Kann ich mit Ihnen schlafen?“ – "Für sein Buch über die sexuelle Revolution recherchierte Gay Talese neun Jahre lang in Sexkommunen, Pornokinos und Massagesalons – als teilnehmender Beobachter" ah, the good ole 70s, and as it happens, i am about to read this book.

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