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online filim killed ze…

Boxxy on Fox news 2011 troll report – "2011 Fox 'news' report on trolls, featuring Boxxy! (and some irrelevant failtroll named Ashley) broadcast 19th/Jan/11"

Woman Who Fell in Fountain in YouTube Video May Sue – "Well, the folks at the mall where the incident occurred probably aren’t laughing now, as Cathy Cruz Marrero (the fountain woman) is considering suing them."

Peak Oil and a Changing Climate – "But beyond the damage these fuels cause to us now, what will happen when the world's supply of oil runs out?"

Eva & Franco Mattes: “Freedom”, 2010 – "Freedom (2010) is a performance we did in the game Counter-Strike, where Eva tries to convince the other players to save her because she is trying to make an artwork. The result is her being endlessly killed and abused."

Man Canoeing in McDonalds – perfect music choice.

Old Guy Performs Epic Dance – "Your never too old to have a good time"

Petite fille qui a beaucoup d'imagination ! – "a little french girl who's talking about tiger and winnie the pooh !"

SNL : Andy Samberg and Pee wee Herman Beat the Shit Outta Anderson Cooper – watch while it lasts.

Girl Falls In Mall Fountain While Texting – comments between incredulous and sarcastic in the off

Dot Dot Dot (Official Video HD) – "In an age where the anonymous reviewer is held to no general standard of grammar or spelling, an intelligible trolling rant is a common and often eye-rolling occurrence. And when a game is meant as a parody of its genre, and a player playing it doesn't quite get the joke … well, magic happens."

schmutz und putz

Herb soup recipe | Yotam Ottolenghi – "Herbs are too often the side show, a garnish for the main event. It's time to put them centre stage" mmhh dinner.

A laughing matter: Comedians Steve Punt and Shappi Khorsandi debate whether comedy is too cruel – "Was Ricky Gervais's Golden Globes turn funny, or just mean? Is comedy getting too cruel?"

The Sampler Platter | The Custodian of Records – "Immediate download of 16-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire."

Noah's (belated) Top 13 of 2010 – "Noah, host of the venerable Coffeebreak for Heroes and Villains hip-hop show here at WFMU, shares his belated top picks of 2010:"

Tracking down my online haters – "This time, I aspired to know why Matt, cloaked in the anonymity provided by the internet, felt the need to respond in such a way to, of all things, a Jeff Bagwell post. So, going deep, deep, deep undercover, I tracked him down and, shortly after our exchange, gave him a call."

Fresh Stuff From Ludo in Paris – truly fresh, love this guys style

one second of silence – invisible flag, brilliant idea

Spanish World Cup side gets the full Simpsons treatment – "With the exception of the one that looks like a disco version of Groundsman Willie, and the shocking realisation that Fernando Torres might be a template for a grown up Bart, this isn’t bad."

Apple's diabolical plan to screw your iPhone – "Kyle Wiens, the CEO of iFixit, sent me the news that Apple has started using a tamper-resistant screw on its iPhones and some of its laptops, which of course makes it more difficult to repair the stuff you own."

Horoscoped – "Do horoscopes really all just say the same thing? We scraped & analysed 22,000 to see." "The cool thing is, once you’ve isolated the most common words, you can actually write a generic, meta prediction that would apply to all star signs, every day of the year. Here it is."

Tentacled tipster Paul the Octopus gets memorial – "Aquarium spokeswoman Tanja Munzig says Paul's cremated ashes were placed in a gold-leafed urn inside the ball. Paul died three months ago."

San Francisco Bus Shelters Now Come Equipped with Video Games – "As part of the promotion, transit passengers from 20 specified neighborhoods will get the chance to compete against each other in different video games — and the community that wins the two-month contest will host a block party featuring the rock band OK Go"

Pedal-Powered Snowplow – "Totally useless with larger snow falls, but the light ones make snow removal fun."

Bryan Lewis Saunders – DRUGS – "So I devised another experiment where everyday I took a different drug and drew myself under the influence.  Within weeks I became lethargic and suffered mild brain damage."

The Moon Inside You: film explores one woman’s quest for a happy period – "They didn’t believe I could make a movie about menstruation,” she said. “They thought that I am provoking the police officers in the airport — that I am just kidding."

Starborn.z8 – Parchment – "Whenever you see a word in upper case you can type it on the command prompt to advance the story."

How Not to Lock Your Bike – "Does this look like it would deter any bicycle thief whatsoever?"

JAPAN INSTAGRAM POLAS AND WINTER IN JAPAN PHOTOS FLICKERED – "With the end of another “A-picture-a-day” photo series, the images plus Polas made with iPhone and the Instagram App are now archived on BD Flickr."

Why the Internet Is a Great Tool for Totalitarians – "Can the Internet empower dissidents and pro-democracy activists? Yes. But it can also strengthen existing dictatorships and facilitate the control of their populations. Washington’s utopian plan to liberate the world one tweet at a time could also turn American innovation into a tool for the world’s subjugation."

Music for Shuffle – "I set myself a half-day project to write music specifically for shuffle mode – making use of randomness to try and make something more than the sum of its parts"

Asgar/Gabriel – pretty awesome paintings but – just like wurzeltod – i don't know if i actually like them.

First Kickstarter-Funded Film Headed to Sundance – "The Woods is the first Sundance-bound film to be partially funded by Kickstarter, and you’ve got yourself a historical event."

Was What Happened in Tunisia a Twitter Revolution? – "Would this revolution have happened if there were no Facebook and Twitter? I think this is a key question to ask. If the answer is “yes,” then the contribution that the Internet has made was minor; there is no way around it. There’s no question that Twitter definitely helped to spread the information about what was happening in Tunisia"

Nudity Is Chatroulette’s New Business Plan – "But, despite 60% drops in visits, Ternovskiy has a new idea on how to make the site pay off – and it's all thanks to men taking off their clothes"

Tinnitus is the result of the brain trying, but failing, to repair itself – "Tinnitus appears to be produced by an unfortunate confluence of structural and functional changes in the brain"

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