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video kill

Food Liberation Army: Kidnapping Ronald McDonald – "I thought that I had taken a rubber statue from a store, but apparently I had done something much worse."

B Movie, A Mini Documentary on Banksy – this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Banksy … ??? WTF dude. here it currently is: b-movie

The Flaming Lips Release Song via 12 YouTube Videos – "the Flaming Lips have just released a new song that can only be heard if 12 YouTube videos are played simultaneously."

Akay: Robo-Rainbow – Instrument of mass destruction (complicated technical solution to aide in simple acts of vandalism).”

last weeks news

Riise makes heartbreaking apology after falling over – i am not a huge fan of riise, but this statement broke my heart.

Fresh Stuff From Eyesaw – what would that be, fishing for posters?

Death of Output – "Back at the end of 2006, when Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings folded, I put together a 3 hour tribute mix of my favourite"

Pasadena family enforces its trademark of the term "Urban Homestead" – "The Dervaes Family, who run a great urban farm in Pasadena, CA, is catching a lot of heat from urban homesteaders. They are objecting to a letter the Dervaes Family sent out a couple of days ago to let bloggers know that the terms "urban homestead" and "urban homesteading" are trademarks owned by the Dervaes Institute. They registered the terms in 2008." woot its been boinboinged

Oakland Homesteading School Caught in Trademark Tussle (Updated) – "“They’re trying to own something that’s being used for the common good,” Blume said, whose appeared alongside others in an OC Weekly blog post this week. “These terms have been around since the mid-70s, in magazines like Mother Earth News and others.” With a fairly common term like “urban homesteading,” the trademark bar to enforcement can be high, although the Dervaes did register two terms, “Urban Homestead” and “Urban Homesteading” in October of last year. “In order to win in a trademark infringement lawsuit, Urban Homesteading, the people claiming as a trademark would have to show that the mark is not descriptive or generic,” said Jed Wakefield, a San Francisco lawyer not associated with the case, “And if it’s descriptive, people would associate it with them and not basic concept of urban homesteading."

[Updated]: Dervaes Family Trademarks "Urban Homestead" Term: Legal Battle Follows – "This past week, the Dervaes Institute, the parent organization run by the Dervaes family, started sending out "normal, professional and informative" letters to anyone using the following trademarked terms: URBAN HOMESTEAD®, URBAN HOMESTEADING®, PATH TO FREEDOM®, GROW THE FUTURE®, HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION®, FREEDOM GARDENS®, LITTLE HOMESTEAD IN THE CITY®"

Cookies Sold by String Dangling From San Francisco Apartment Window – "San Francisco entrepreneurs Eve, Kathleen and Clem of Fat Cookies deliver their oven fresh product (baked in their second story apartment) to their customers below by way of an ingenious bag and string hoist. To get your fix next time you’re in Dolores Park, follow Fat Cookies on twitter"

Why Are You People Defending Apple? – "I don’t like where this is headed, and I think that many who consider themselves technophiles are completely dropping the ball by rationalizing what Apple has done."

The Tribes of Burning Man by Steven T. Jones – "The Tribes of Burning Man is a new book by Steven T. Jones (aka Scribe) on how Burning Man is transforming American society."

papierlose zeitung – "Die Papierlose Zeitung ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Bleiberecht Zürich und Bildung für alle." campaign – how about this one, fox wears woman

Infographic: Crime, organised – "Just how organised is organised crime? Think of it as the world's largest and most illicit social network."

BACK TO THE FUTURE : Irina Werning – like ze's young me/now me project, but with professional photos

Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack – "the Anonymous response was swift and humiliating. HBGary's servers were broken into, its e-mails pillaged and published to the world, its data destroyed, and its website defaced."

Laurie Anderson | Tender anarchy is a great goal – "’ I don’t think anarchy needs to be angry. In fact, I think tender anarchy is a great goal."

The King of Limbs : Where are you? – "The King of Limbs”, the latest album by Radiohead is now available for pre-order and will be released on Saturday.”

Cthulhu ski mask – "hand-knit Cthulhu hat from his mother as a surprise gift." lucky dude him

Search Optimization and Its Dirty Little Secrets – blame it on the ginger

Diamond Dave, San Francisco Rabble Rouser and Revolutionary Rebel – "The reason Dave has been able to keep going strong for all these years is that he’s always changing, adapting, seeing what’s new, always with a great appreciation for the creativity and genius of the next generation. He’s not frozen in time, he is of his time — in the most radical, uncompromising way." i was recently looking for this guy online, i remember him from the punk concerts at the farm. he knows like one poem.

Root Simple: Cleaning the Sink with Baking Soda and Lemons – "It is possible to keep a sink white and shiny without bleach or other toxic cleansers. I took pictures this week while I was cleaning to prove it."

Ivan Argote – great work from the edge where social experiments and art meet

Bike Drawings – "Welcome to a strange land where bike pedals are sometimes attached to your seat but we all get around just fine anyway. If so inclined, draw a bike from memory and email it to"

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