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online video killed the …

What Would You Do If You Had Only Five Minutes To Live? – "“Tick Tock” is a short film by Ien Chi, that takes a look a young man trying to fufill his life’s highest potential with only five minutes left to live."

Charlie Sheen Remix (Eclectic Method) – the inclusion of charlie bit my finger makes it great

The Tron Lebowski – that motherboard tied together the room, man

The Naked Therapist, Psychotherapy Through Arousal – "a New York City therapist who strips down naked to help her patients, using psychotherapy through arousal."

YouTube Mocks Charlie Sheen's Public Meltdown [VIDEOS] – "The YouTube community has responded to Charlie Sheen’s very public meltdown the way it always responds to celebs in trouble: by piling on"

Carlin Step by DJ Steve Porter – auto-tuned george carlin dubstep music video

Al Qaeda Attacks Internet Using Photo of Cute Piglet Wearing Boots – "Al Qaeda has launched an attack on the Internet using a photo of cute piglet wearing red rain boots."

Charlie Sheen's Rant Animated – "The juiciest bits of Charlie Sheen's interview with Alex Jones performed by those CGI bears."

schmooze and abuse

Urban farming family who trademarked "Urban Homesteading" accused of plagiarism – "Well, a fellow by the name of Michael Nolan (co-author of a book called I Garden: Urban Style) says the Dervaes Family has been plagiarizing material from his website."

SHOWER SQUID – "shower with this friendly squid, equipped with nine tentacles for gripping your shampoo, soap and washing extras, without disappearing into the bathroom void! "

Flaming Lips Plan to Release New Songs Via Gummi Skulls [INTERVIEW] – "Do you like the Flaming Lips? Do you like the Flaming Lips enough to consume an entire gummi skull in order to listen to two new tracks? If so, carry on reading."

The Promise: an exercise in British self-exculpation – "Peter Kosminsky's revisionism blames the Jews for the Middle East conflict, when the true culprit was British imperialism"

VOINA artists attacked (again) by Russian police – "In an unprovoked assault, members of the Criminal Investigation Department followed artists Oleg Vorotnikov, Leonid Nikolayev and Natalia Sokol (along with her two-year old child, Kasper) after attending a press event and jumped them"

Anthropocene: Age of Man – Zoomable Image – "Zoom in on this graphic in which the world's 7 billion population is depicted by 7,000 human figures, each representing a million people."

PayPal Fee Calculator by Ryan Olbe – "This calculator is a third-party tool and is not officially written by, endorsed, or supported by" but so helpful read Twitter and Facebook as a daily newspaper – " organizes links shared on Twitter and Facebook into an easy to read newspaper-style format. A great way to discover content that matters to you – even if you are not connected 24/7!"

Tropical Island Infinite Photo – "Click on an image and dive into a mosaic of hundreds of pictures of marine and terrestrial species found on the South Pacific island of Mo‘orea."

DreamWorks lines up WikiLeaks film based on Guardian book – "Steven Spielberg looks set to oversee WikiLeaks: the Movie after securing the screen rights to WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy, the book by Guardian journalists David Leigh and Luke Harding."

Before I Die in NOLA Candy Chang – "If you’re in New Orleans, stop by the corner of Marigny and Burgundy (900 Marigny St) to add your thoughts to the wall and see what matters most to your neighbors."

One on One: Girl Talk, Computer Musician – "Did it bother you when people illegally downloaded your first CDs?Absolutely not. I loved it. It was really exciting. I actually used to go on Napster and LimeWire and check to see how many people where stealing the albums. It was very flattering."

Naked Password – jQuery Plugin to Encourage Stronger Passwords – "The whole idea of naked password is to encourage your users to enter stronger passwords.Our beautiful model Sally tastefully removes items of clothing as the password grows stronger"

I was seven – photographer finds the negatives of fotos he took with his first camera when was seven

nouvelle vague exhibtiion : milan design week 2011 – "souviens toi que tu vas mourir' (remember that you will die) chair by pool"

Google Farmer Update: Quest for Quality – " Based on a dataset of one million keywords, which were checked before the update and yesterday I can determine the biggest loser of this algorithm-change. "

Soundtrack to the Arab revolutions – yo yo yo

Schalke fans create a Facebook 'Don't Like' button for Magath – "A couple weeks ago, Schalke manager Felix Magath started a Facebook page as a way to try and reconnect with the club's fans in what has been a disappointing season so far. On Saturday, the fans showed off a banner with a feature they think his page is missing — the thumbs down "Don't Like" button"


GuttenPlag: Netz der Selbstkontrolle – "Für Wikipedia-Gründer Jimmy Wales beweist der Fall zu Guttenberg: Das Netz korrigiert die Auswüchse, die ihm vorgeworfen werden, selbst. In diesem Fall mit GuttenPlag"

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