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online video killed the …

Gareth Bale Animation. Tottenham vs Inter Milan – "An animation by Richard Swarbrick @RikkiLeaks."

Spending Time With Felix Morelo – "I was walking around Brooklyn and saw the streets flooded with faces made out of chalk. Following their trail, I ran into a man sitting on a crate, rapidly making them as he scooted backwards. His name is Felix Morelo"

Serge Gainsbourgs Melody film – "Melody, a film based on Histoire de Melody Nelson made for French TV, was directed by Jean Christophe Averty with Gainsbourg and his lover Jane Birkin in the lead roles. Amazing." amazing, yes, but also a bit long

The smartest dog in the world – "Some days go better than others."

True Unique – "Combining the old with the new! That's what doesn't make your average custom bike store. At their store/gallery in the Berlin district Neukölln, Brian and Manuel combine history with technology and make the coolest bikes I'd ever seen"

JR at TED – "For our latest mission we staged an unauthorized autograph signing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with an actor who bears a striking resemblance to King Philip IV of Spain. "

Sbiti – "Ein Tag im Leben des Berner Künstlers Sbiti Abdel Hay. Produziert wurde das Portrait von Nicolas Fojtu und Bjørn Schaeffner in der DokWerkstatt Bern "

Polizistinnen knutschen! – "“We make massive, monumental art. Besides, it’s obvious that the Voina Group would never kiss policemen. We prefer to fuck them with our 65-meter-Dick!”"

schmooze and abuse

Julian Assange, Cat Hater – "Now we can add “cat hater” to Julian Assange’s biography."

Maru is fine! – "Maru is safe. Thank you for worrying and praying."

Yarn Bombing Philidephia's Blue Line – ""Earlier today I got a message from a certain Ishknits yarn bombing artist telling me that she was heading out this afternoon to bomb SEPTA’s Blue Line and invited me to tag along to photograph it all for this blog."

Jetpack Plugin Brings Features To Self-Hosted Blogs – " Jetpack, a new plugin that brings features to self-hosted blogs. "

Introducing Zite, the iPad's Smartest Magazine Yet – "Watch out, Flipboard. As of Wednesday, you have some serious competition: a free app called Zite that is constantly learning what you like to read on the iPad and creating a magazine finely tailored to your needs."

Street artist Mr Brainwash sued over “copied” image – "Street artist Thierry Guetta, better known as Mr Brain­wash, is being sued by a photographer for copyright in­fringement over a well-known image of rap group Run DMC"

moviebarcode – movies comprimation done in a literal way…

URL Hunter! – "An experimental game using the URL bar as the game screen." wouldnt work on chrome for me – I dont know who did this – "spotted on the web by Strictly Kev, ever on the alert."

This kid might have melted Puyol's brain with his creepy stare – "Barcelona eliminated Arsenal from the Champions League on Tuesday, TV cameras captured a young man performing what appeared to be some kind of crazy-eyed mind-meld with the back of Carles Puyol's head. "

Situationist App By Benrik – "What is Situationist? Situationist is an iPhone app that makes your everyday life more thrilling and unpredictable. It alerts members to each other's proximity and gets them to interact in random "situations"."

jimmy kets: brightside and shot in flanders – “I don’t feel the need to draw blood.  what fascinates me is that first impression, the way people present their exterior to the world.”

King Philip IV – "For our latest mission we staged an unauthorized autograph signing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with an actor who bears a striking resemblance to King Philip IV of Spain. "

Amon Tobin Splinter Cell Remixes – "Amon Tobin‘s 2005 Splinter Cell game soundtrack has been remixed to coincide with the release of a new 3D version of the game."

Rock-Paper-Scissors: You vs. the Computer – Interactive Feature – "Choose from two different modes: novice, where the computer learns to play from scratch, and veteran, where the computer pits over 200,000 rounds of previous experience against you."

Pixel Trash Can – "From the second I saw this paper pixel trash can I fell in love with it and I knew that I wanted to make a real life model."

I'm 4 years old. AMAA. : IAmA – reddit community interviews a 4 year old
"What do you think about the world?I think it's pretty good, but not if you're alone or scared or dead or something like that." 

How anti-semitism entered the zeitgeist – for most "racism is black and white, and black and white only. But sadly, racism has many shades of grey: what should not have those shades – what should simply always be an unqualified shutting of the door – is the reaction to it." fucking zeitgeist

sick fearless bastard – "I loved both of the cats, but they were incredibly suicidal all the time" reminds me of my neighbors cat

Pixelhead – "Worried about your picture showing up on Google Streetview? Sick of photos of yourself appearing on sites like Facebook? Here`s the solution!"

lang:de – Datenschutz für alle – Referendum gegen die Abschaffung desDatenschutzes im Sozialhilfegesetz des Kantons Bern

The today of the future – Vortrag des Piraten und Netzaktivisten # Peter Sunde – "Als Gründer des File-Sharing-Dienstes The Pirate Bay ist der Schwede Peter Sunde eine umstrittene Person. Mit seinem neuen Mikrobezahldienst Flattr bietet er jetzt eine einfache Lösung zur Bezahlung von kreativen Inhalten auf dem Internet durch die Nutzer an" sa. 26. march, 16:00 zureich – "In Kürze erhalten Sie hier Informationen zum ersten grossen Open Government Data Anlass in der Schweiz – am 24. Juni in Bern"

Schaubild: Der Baader-Gedeck-Komplex – "Ob der vielen Filme über die RAF, in denen die immergleichen historischen Figuren verkörpert werden, kann man schon einmal den Überblick verlieren. Wir haben aufgeräumt"

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