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Japans Prime Minister Launches English-Language Twitter Account for Quake Updates – "The Japanese Prime Minister’s Office started an English-language Twitter account Wednesday, providing updates on the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake situation."

Japan Quake Map – "Paul Nicholl's Japan Quake Map gives some idea of how big main quake's aftershocks are."

Fukushima 50 battle radiation risks as Japan nuclear crisis deepens – "Workers in protective gear – known as the Fukushima 50 – encounter myriad problems as Japanese PM demands answers"

2011 Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami | Architecture for Humanity – "Architecture for Humanity has been working in post disaster reconstruction since 1999 and has designed and built hundreds of homes, schools, clinics and community facilities for those affected" this is a great charity to support, according to joi ito

Kime : Patricia Schneider – "Mit dem Kauf einer dieser Grafiken könnt ihr die Region Miyagi unterstützen: Ich werde den gesamten Erlös der Caritas Schweiz zukommen lassen" swiss artist sells prints to raise funds for japan.

Herbal Support For Radiation, Wise Words from Dori Midnight the urban field guide – "The iodine in kelp helps draw out the radiation and protect your thyroid from radioactive uptake."

Multi Japan Live Video – Earthquake Edition – "Multi Japanese Video – Earthquake Edition"

More Earthquakes to Come in Japan – "Although certainly very big, today's quake was not totally unexpected. Technically, it was in fact an aftershock of the weaker quake earlier in the week—even though it may sound odd that an aftershock can be stronger than the main shock."

Japan quake causes day to get a wee bit shorter – "You won’t notice it, but the day just got a tiny bit shorter because of Friday’s giant earthquake off the coast of Japan."

Nuclear energy 101: Inside the "black box" of power plants – for those of us who have to say "The extent of my knowledge on nuclear power plants is pretty much limited to what I've seen on The Simpsons", an expert explains how it works and what could happen.

Japan Before/After – shocking before/after google earth satelite images


Guilty! – "Someone helped themselves to the kitty Cat treats while I was out!! Lets see…..hmmmmmmm"

Fish – Mr Scruff – "This is my first attempt at stop motion and cut out animation, to a song by Mr Scruff called 'Fish'."

adult swim bumps – "not had much time to do my own stuff recently so here's a short collection of weird clips I made for adult swim, enjoy." by cyriak

Project Based Learning: Explained. – "Speed dating done right "

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as C-3PO and R2-D2 – "While on filming Paul, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost recreated a Star Wars conversation between C-3PO and R2-D2."


With Destroyed, Moby Makes Sense of Shattered Musical Landscape – "On his upcoming effort Destroyed, Moby constructs synthetic symphonies out of sounds coaxed from broken-down gear during dead-of-night sessions in hotel rooms." It’s an insomniac artist’s way of making sense of the world during a time when the music industry, and everything else, seems to be falling into chaos.”

Artists boycott Guggenheim Abu Dhabi project – "More than 130 artists, curators and writers have signed a petition demanding that the museum improve working conditions"

Paramount Pictures Partner With BitTorrent Release Movie – "In a little over two months time, the long-awaited horror movie The Tunnel will receive its world premiere. Rather than a traditional theatrical release, the movie – which is set in abandoned real-life tunnels under Sydney, Australia – will make its debut online for free with BitTorrent. Simultaneously it will be released on physical DVD, to be distributed by Hollywood giant Paramount Pictures."

Szigeti G. Csongor: “Horn Blow” – “most of the people enjoyed blowing their car’s horns, doing it naturally, sometimes playing the horns for the sake of it. I felt the desire to take part in this strange communication game and I decided to create a device that would control different horn sounds”

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media – "Military's 'sock puppet' software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda"

SXSW 2011: The internet is over – "Oliver Burkeman went to Texas to the South by Southwest festival of film, music and technology, in search of the next big idea. After three days he found it: the boundary between 'real life' and 'online' has disappeared"

A vomitous affair – "UK artist Lydia Leith has created the “Royal Wedding Sick Bag” for the occasion. “Throne up” into yours today!"

Hipster Trap Creators Have A History Of Duping Unsuspecting New Yorkers – "Urban Traps is a project where we lay traps for certain subcultures. Our goal is protect neighborhoods from infestation and collect different species for further study." – it's online

*unzips* – urinal politics

Root Simple: Harvesting and Drying Calendula – calendula love, nice guide

akasaka shinichiro atelier: small box house – "'small box house' by japanese studio akasaka shinichiro atelier is a two-storey residence in the western hillside of mount moiwa, sapporo" want!

Dealing with Internet Trolls the Cognitive Therapy Approach – " The super-executive summary for this post is: “On the Internet, don’t be right – be smart.”

Betty Dodson – "She is a founder of the pro-sex feminist movement[…], having left behind the more traditional feminist movement because she considered it banal, antisexual and over-politicized" and her

"Checking Out" – ""Toujours Soixante-Neuf!" ("Forever 69!") she wrote in a boldface double-entendre at the end, "Love, Good-bye, Sally"." still reading Thy neighbor's wife by guy talese, on the sexual liberation in the 60s and 70s and sally is one of the inspiring people he mentions.

I don't hate Macs, but they do give me a syncing feeling – "Until, that is, you try to do something Apple doesn't want you to do. At which point you realise your shiny chum isn't on your side. It doesn't even understand sides. Only Apple: always Apple."

Turn any web-page into a game of Katamari Damacy – "The KatHack is a great little Javascript bookmarklet; simply paste the text below in your location bar and you can turn any page into a fabulous game of Katamari Damacy."

Cory Doctorow: DRM is no friend of business – "But copyright activist, blogger and sci-fi author Cory Doctorow thinks content creators should steer clear of DRM."

The Twisted Psychology of Bloggers vs. Journalists: My Talk at South By Southwest – "For people in the press, bloggers vs. journalists is an elaborate way of staying the same, of refusing to change, while permitting into the picture some of the stressful changes I have mentioned. A shorter way to say this is: it’s fucking neurotic."


Nachruf: Günter Amendt, 19392011 – günter amendt obituary in german, he was the sex educator and drug activist who recentl got run over by a car driven by a guy high on cannabis

Allen Krisen ist gemein, dass sie als kaum vorstellbar galten – "Ulrich Beck, der Theoretiker der «Risikogesellschaft», analysiert die Katastrophe in Japan. Was bedeutet sie für unseren Umgang mit Gefahren – und was für unser Verständnis von Verantwortung?"

Abstimmung über Mühleberg wird wohl wiederholt – "Doch nach den Unfällen in Japan ist das Berner Resultat nicht nur politisch wertlos, sondern auch formal bedeutungslos."

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