US dominates in sneaky ways

85% of all the satellites are owned and controled by the USA, so i read in a recent interview with susan sontag [TA]. this ratio will be increasing further in the near future, mainly because europe can’t seem to agree on how and when to produce their own satellite system, while the USA keeps cranking them out into orbit. at some point in the near future it will be too late, because there is a limited amount of places for satellites in space.
that and the recent news about the USA practically controlling the entire internet backbone – 10 of 13 nameservers are hosted there – add up to a rather scary vision of the future. the USA controls a huge chunk of the tools central to telecommunications and media of the future.
how long until they start to impose that control?
another (sort of unrelated) thing i read in that interview: when asked who his favorite philosopher was, bush answered without a moment of hesitation: “jesus christ”.
all that power in the hands of dumb, ignorant and embarassing fundamentalists… really scary!
can we move to a different planet soon, please?
ps: here is a link to an article, that shows how the dumb one cheated on the presidential elections… we’re not surprised! [thanx to vimanaboy]

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