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Help Jimmy Jump! (english) – "HELP JIMMY JUMP TO PUT THE RED HAT "BARRETINA" INTO MOURINHO'S HEAD." he needz moniz.

"Friday" by Rebecca Black, as interpreted by a bad lip reader – "GANG FIGHT"!!!

La Machine à voyager – "Qui n'a jamais rêvé de s'échapper de son quotidien en pressant un simple bouton ?" cute french ad

Song A Day #810: Vegan Myths Debunked – damn, why did i just get a lancome ad before i could watch this video?

My Favorite Color – "this video is made of videos i found and really enjoyed watching .."

MVI 0090 – brutal kids lullaby

Green Tunnel – "A six month journey along the 2,200 mile long Appalachian Trail, condensed and reinterpreted into five minutes of stop-motion. "

Follow Your Interests. Discover Your World. Twitter. – 5 years! congratz

Flashman — The Proposition – brilliant jazzy track gets minimal animation treatment

Rebecca Black – Friday, as performed by Bob Dylan – this guy turned shit into gold

WILEY-100%PUBLISHING ALBUM ADVERT. – rad, playful album preview by wiley

how to hack video screens on times square – well done fake

One Minute Puberty – "Alexander Gellner takes us on an one minute animated journey of a boy’s experience with puberty."


paper miniatures – "celebrity and historical figures find a second life in these paper miniatures by people too, the collaborative efforts of russian designers alexei lyapunov and lena ehrlich."

D.I.Y. Cooking Handbook – "small kitchen projects that any cook can tackle. What they all have in common is that they are simple, seasonless and a clear improvement on the store-bought version." mmmhhh. can't wait to try the horseradish beer mustard. oh and the chocolate-hazelnut paste

South Park Comes to Life – "Someone envisioned what it might look like if the boys of South Park were in-fact real fourth graders, and the result is very impressive."

The Comic Book Guide to the Mission – "The Comic Book Guide to the Mission by Lauren Davis is a book about San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood: its people, history, food, and hipsters." a book about the mission, where i lived for 7 years 1986 – 1993 mostly showing what it has turned into thx to the dot com bubble and subsequent stuff

Safety Maps: A Do Project – "In case of cynicism, let’s meet at It's A Small World. I’ve marked the spot on this map:" is andy baio's contribution

Root Simple: Countdown – "Our new book comes out just about a month–April 26th" this will be a great book.

Plastic honeycombs may save disappearing bee populations (Wired UK) – "Allowing honey bee queens to lay their eggs directly into an artificial plastic honeycomb means the larvae do not need to be handled to be collected. " oh boy. really? plastic?

Think Quarterly – "You're now on the companion website, (also available at, if you're on the move)." google done a quarterly magazine webpage, but uhm flash?

pieceoplastic on – love it, does that mean i can stop feeding my instagrams into my posterous blog?

Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power – "Japan's disaster would weigh more heavily if there were less harmful alternatives. Atomic power is part of the mix" 1. this guy is clearly jumping the gun, the danger aint over 2. missing the point still,. what about all the nuclear waste? thats the real issue yet unresolved.

Pica Pic | retro handheld games collection – ;}

Color's Ambitious Photo App Seeks to Reinvent Mobile Social Networking – "Say hello to Color, a new mobile photo-sharing application with a star-studded list of entrepreneurs and an eye-popping $41 million in funding. Its goal is nothing less than to become the ultimate local discovery tool." hmm mkay. pretty slim business idea here.

Seen On The Streets Of Tripoli – oh, silvio…

Study Finds Religion May Be Going “Extinct” in Some Countries – "Looking at census data from nine countries, a team of scientists have made the bold assertion that religion is headed for extinction and it’s all based on a mathematical model of the complex social motives behind joining religious groups" wishful thinking?

Guggenheim responds to proposed artist boycott – "Last week, a group of artists released a petition threatening their refusal to show their work at the Guggenheim’s planned branch in Abu Dhabi until working conditions on the site were improved. Today, Guggenheim Museum and Foundation director Richard Armstrong, and Deputy Director and Chief Curator Nancy Spector responded to the two artists, Emily Jacir and Walid Raad, who had initiated the protest in a letter also sent to the press. Below is their full response. "

Unreleased Bowie on BitTorrent: Pirate Sabotage Turned Cultural Blessing – "After a decade in the dark the unreleased David Bowie album ‘Toy’ has just hit BitTorrent. Bowie is reportedly “livid” at the leak but his fans, who have expressed themselves in hundreds of postings, appear to be universally delighted."

Amon Tobin's Chaos Theory Remixed Double LP – "Probably the awesomest thing I've seen for Ubisoft's Splinter Cell 3D is the new Amon Tobin album, Chaos Theory Remixed, a collection the Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Soundtrack songs remixed (naturally) and the OST for the Nintendo 3DS game."

s:s&s ep – hello, world: – best. ipad. game. ever?

Homeopathy Plus – "The whole of homeopathic prescribing is based on the principle that a substance treats or prevents symptoms that are similiar to those it produces."

Wow Your iPad Readers – "Our iPad-optimized view is app-like in its functionality, but pure HTML5 goodness on the backend: it supports touch interactions, swiping, rotation, and many other features of the iPad."

That was quick: Four lines of code is all it takes for The New York Times’ paywall to come tumbling down – "The New York Times paywall is costing the newspaper $40-$50 million to design and construct, Bloomberg has reported. And it can be defeated through four lines of Javascript."

Nutritional Labels for Eggs – "Thingiverse user dnewman used the Eggbot egg-decorating machine to draw a nutritional label on an egg."

Sync an iPhone With Multiple Computers – "If you own an iPhone, you may notice that when you plug your iPhone into a variety of computers, yours or other people’s, and you’ll find that your phone and iTunes want to wipe everything clean and start over, every single time."

2011 Japanese nuclear accidents – all the timelines, pretty acurate

Kiefer turns to Mother Nature – "Kiefer told The Guardian that talks are now underway to establish a joint German-French foundation which will look after the Barjac complex. The new organisation is driven by one aim: to allow nature to slowly reclaim the site, allowing Kiefer’s creations to be swamped by the encroaching earth."

Porn made for women, by women – "Independent female directors are making pornographic films aimed at women. Catalina May finds out what makes them so different"

Where in the world are the biggest penises? – "Click the map to get a full-size version of the world, colored according to the average penis size of every country."

Pictured: One Sea Turtle’s Worth of Plastic – "Pictured above are the stomach contents of a juvenile sea turtle accidentally captured off the coast of Argentina."

Sierpinski Hamantaschen: Sierpinskitaschen (First in the world?!) – "Somehow this year it dawned on me that the world was incomplete without a Sierpinski hamantaschen, or sierpinskitaschen. I scoured the vast reaches of the Interwebs, to see if this had been done before. I may have missed something, but it seems this has not."

What happens if a Japan-sized earthquake hits California? – "As Japan picks up the pieces after a 9.0-magnitude quake, anxious Californians confront worst-case-scenario forecasts for their state" after reading zeitoun recently, i really hope my friends would just back and leave. mass panic, looting, police brutality, corruption, japan was mostly spared of these. in california it will be rampant.

7 minimalistic posters representing various mental disorders – so simple. so strong

The Artist Who Lived Naked with Hundreds of Pigs – "Perhaps the sense of oneness is at the heart of what artist Miru Kim is doing by placing herself in the midst of the pigs, in her series, "The Pig That Therefore I Am". It's a reminder that we share many things: we and other animals bleed, feel, even have similar body parts."

Dieting is stressful and makes you irritable and angry – Telegraph – "Being on a diet makes people more likely to feel irritable and angry, a new study has shown. "

Embattled Tepco faces its BP moment over Fukushima nuclear disaster – "The Fukushima crisis has exposed Tokyo Electric Power Company to the unforgiving global scrutiny that BP faced"

Nihon Kizuna – Nihon Kizuna – now available to purchase

How To Occupy Oxford Street
"UK Uncut will be staging a huge simultaneous shut down of tax dodgers and banks on Oxford Street, Europe’s biggest high street. It’s up to you to make it happen."

All you need to know… – this book conatins all you'll ever need to know re: graffiti

Why the Quick Bar ("dickbar") is still so offensive – "It’s offensive because it’s deeply bad, showing complete disregard for quality, product design, and user respect, and we’ve come to expect a lot more from Twitter."

RDTN.ORG – "We have created this site in an effort to display the reliable data readings as they become available. While we are careful to evaluate new data sources, we welcome new reliable data from those on the ground in this crisis."

You are listening to Los Angeles – ambient music backdrop to live police radio transmission

Radiation Dose Chart – "This is a chart of the ionizing radiation a person can absorb from various sources"


"Nukular". Das Wort heißt "nukular" – "ZENSUR Das Schweizer Fernsehen zeigt vorerst keine Simpsons-Folgen, die von AKW-Pannen handeln"

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