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Walk the dinosaur – kids in hysterics

Rube Goldberg Photobooth – "This is a video of a Rube Goldberg Machine Photobooth made by Alex Crawford & Austin Nelson. "

Morgan Spurlock: The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold – "Director Morgan Spurlock discusses his new film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold in the very entertaining TED Talk: The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold."


Honest logos by @Viktor – "An idea for a series with honest logos, revealing the actual content of the company, what they really should be called."

Isa Leshko: Elderly Animals (10 photos) – “I began the series as a means of exploring my feelings about my mother’s decline due to Alzheimer’s Disease,” she says. “As I’ve worked on this project, though, I’ve come to realize that these images are a testament to survival and endurance. And they raise questions about what it means to be elderly.”

The sociology of sex: enlarge your perspective on Europe – "Double standards continue to exist in the south due to constraining premarital women’s freedoms. Yet in northern countries ideals of equality are valued, and in these countries sexual initiation is even earlier for woman than for men."

Nobody reads my blog – i feel you, bud

Protesters target BP annual meeting – "• Anger at executive pay deals in wake of gulf disaster • Protest includes fishing boat owners and climate activists"


Twitter-organized essay collection to benefit Japan quake, with contributions from Gibson and Yoko Ono – "2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake is a fundraising anthology of essays about the Japan quake and tsunami. It was organized on Twitter and published in a very short time (it's a Kindle book)."

Instagram spawns spin-off services -= "Recently the Instagram trend has spread even further after a number of start ups have begun offering services which use your photos in a range of different ways…"

CREATIVE LICENSE – STEINSKI MIXTAPE – "It features hundreds of songs and samples mashed together by Steinski, the sonic cut-and-paste artist best known for a hugely influential series of early-1980s twelve-inch singles popularly known as “The Lessons.”"

Why 30,000 People Are Fasting – "So far, over 30,000 people are participating in a rolling fast to protest the immoral budget cuts Republicans are pushing in Washington"

Graffiti Cocktail Shaker By William Kellogg – "this stainless steel cocktail shaker holds 14 oz of your favorite liquid. 3" x 9""

Poilâne Forks and Spoons – "a set of utensil-shaped crackers and cookies—perfect for hors d'œvres and desserts."

Access Main Computer File – "A visual study of computer GUI in cinema."

Bee genes are responsible for in-hive hierarchy – "bees' genetic makeup dictates their futures — not just in how they'll develop physically, but in what position they'll take within the rigid social structures of their hives."

Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes – another hilarious tumblr

Demi And Kutcher On Sex Trafficking {NSFW] – "Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher (“DNA Foundation”), Justin Timberlake, Sean Penn, Isaiah Mustafa, Jaime Foxx , Pete Cashmore and more have launched a campaign today called Real Men Don’t Buy Girls, aimed at sex trafficking. They have teamed up with an org called Shared Hope – which (they may not realize) happen to be extremists that are hardcore anti-pornography and use the old, false ‘porn makes men rape’ and ‘porn makes men into child molseters’ claims."

The Pit – Super Mario Bros. – "What really happens to Mario when he falls into a hole."

Urban Landscape #2 – 2011 – Brooklyn neighborhor made in lego

Messages for Japan – "a site where people around the world could input messages for Japan in their own languages and have them automatically translated into Japanese while raising funds to help Japan. And today, we’re pleased to share"

james econs: phoneboox – "the 'phoneboox', created by british media consultant james econs in kingston, UK, repurposes an unused english telephone box into a local book-exchange."

The 13 Most Menacing Threats Of "SOON" – soon…


Das AKW-Quartett – "der nächste Höhepunkt für den politischen Homo Ludens: das erste Quartett-Spiel mit Deutschlands Atomkraftwerken"

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