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Mr Scruff – Wobble Control – mr. scruff through and through: cute animation, wobbly basslines…

Jerry Seinfeld – Personal Archives – "I thought it might be fun to go through all of it and pick out three bits each day that still amuse me for some reason or another." 3 sketches daily. woot

David Lynch Talks to a Barbie Doll About His New Brand of Coffee – "To promote his new David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee, the film auteur made this insane or absolutely brilliant video of a conversation he has with a Barbie doll about the coffee."

Exclusive: The Daily Show Covers the Royal Wedding Uncensored – "Jon Stewart and The Daily Show have not forgotten about last Friday's Royal Wedding, and they didn't let that pesky satire ban stop them from covering the event. "

Stanley Kubrick – a filmography – "Animation made with mixing each Kubrick's movies. Typography, colors, patterns and symbols"

If These Knishes Could Talk | A New York Accent Film – a film about the new york accent

Coin – "Just think of all those pennies you simply discard everyday. THEY HAVE LIVES TOO!"

The Power of Nightmares : Adam Curtis – "This film explores the origins in the 1940s and 50s of Islamic Fundamentalism in the Middle East, and Neoconservatism in America, parallels between these movements, and their effect on the world today."

Seth Meyers & Barack Obama at White House Correspondents’ Dinner – "The hilarious speeches by Seth Meyers and Barack Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. … Trump’s reaction in the audience is priceless."

The President's Speech Trailer – "At the 2011 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, President Barack Obama jokes about a sequel to the film the King's Speech that hits closer to home. The President offers a sneak peak of the parody at the annual event."

Beatles Fan Club 2011 – "Yet another reason to hate young people."


Alt Text: The World Without Warcraft – "Clearly I had some sort of Stockholm thing going on, because at the time I planned to come back. Not immediately, of course. I thought I’d wait for the next WoW expansion, give the hard-core a couple weeks to play it, avoid the crowds, then log back in and see what’s new. As it turns out, and I am not at all exaggerating here, I now have a physical reaction to Warcraft." this could have been me writing this text, i am not joking. i have the exact same reaction.

Stickers on the Central Line – Like

How Bin Laden News Exploded on Twitter: A Visualization – "By now it’s common knowledge that the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death broke on Twitter. Donald Rumsfeld’s Chief of Staff, the fresh-faced Keith Urbahn, was the first credible source to issue the news on Sunday at 10:24pm ET, long before President Obama spoke, and Urbahn’s tweet was the one that went viral."

Polenta recipes | Yotam Ottolenghi – "Of all the dry store cupboard ingredients, quick-cook polenta makes the fastest meal. But remember that polenta needs plenty of enhancements – butter, cheese, olive oil – to turn on its soft and soothing charm." i want to eat both. TONIGHT! oh boy

Scream Everywhere – "About two years after publishing photos of myself screaming on the Flickr, I discovered that my face was ‘for sale’ in several stores around the world, as well as on the Web and spotted it in places like Spain, Iran, Mexico, England and many other places."

The activist-terrorist complex – "The story focuses, very sympathetically, on two Texas activists who set out to protest and disrupt the 2008 Republican National Convention only to end up behind bars under charges stemming from domestic terrorism legislation."

New York Movie Map – illustrated movie map featuring 91 movies filmed on the island

The War on Terror in numbers – "The 9/11 attacks resulted in 2,996 casualties, which included 343 firefighters and 59 police officers who were in trying to save victims inside the World Trade Center. The War on Terror launched by George W. Bush Jr. has led to at least 227,000 people (more than 300,000 according to other estimates). This includes 116,657 civilians (51%) between 76 – 108,000 insurgents or Taliban Islamists (34% to 36%), 25,297 Iraqi and Afghan soldiers (11%), and 8,975 American, British, and other coalition forces (3.9%)."

ROA and Phlegm, Peckham, today – "The past few weeks, going through Peckham on the train on the way to London Bridge, I noticed some large scale paintings in amongst the largely derelict buildings just outside the station."

The sordid tale of the Trump golf course – "As a whole it is an excellently shot and stitched documentary that gives Donald Trump his own rope to hang himself with as well as an important testament to the determination of outgunned civilians fighting oppression and corruption."

Homeland Security Wants Mozilla to Pull “Domain Seizure” Add-On – "Homeland Security’s ICE unit is not happy with a Firefox add-on that allows the public to circumvent the domains seizures carried out during the past several months. In an attempt to correct this ‘vulnerability’ in their anti-piracy strategy, ICE have asked Mozilla to pull the add-on from their site."

Uh Oh… Alan Smith’s Twitter account hijacked by his ex – "Well, it looks as though he might look to emulate Marshall Bruce Mathers III a little further and begin writing songs that threaten murder upon his ex – she’s only gone and hijacked his Twitter account"

This Wall Used To Have Art On It – "A real estate company painted over a wall of art in Sydney, Australia, prompting this follow-up response."

Is it morally right to celebrate bin Laden's death? – "religious leaders of different faiths say no one should rejoice in the death of a person, even a hated enemy." – "Riff with images, vote up the cleverness, new pic everyday, all archived"

choose balduin – “Balduin” released his 5th studio album “Choose Balduin”

Watchlist: Sean Hart – painted mattresses in public space

Beehacker: A hive mind of beekeepers and hackers – "Beekeeping and hacking are hobbies that rarely sit side-by-side. But the launch of has been creating quite a buzz."

Mobstr: The Death of “Street Art” (Teil 1 & 2) – "“The Death of Street Art” – die neue Arbeit von Mobstr. Und konsequent: Natürlich kann man die Leinwand auch kaufen (£30,000). "

click boom pow: new role models – "new york-based collective click boom pow has begun the 'NRM (new role models)' project as a means of making our urban settings more useful. the project comes in the form of a chair which they have designed and without asking for permission,"

great shot sir. – best situation room photoshoppery.

Bert Löschner: “Urban Upholstery”, 2011
– “Anbei Bilder von Bänken im 11. Arrondissement in Paris, demnächst folgen neue Bänke in anderen Städten.”

Time magazine cover of Osama bin Laden in Times Square looks odd – "The windows of the building match Osama bin Laden's eyes, giving him a Roger McGuinn square-hippy-glasses look."

Finally, You Can Kiss People Over the Internet [VIDEO] – "a device which consists of a hardware receptacle which is placed into the mouth, and software that remembers the movements of your tongue and sends them to the other connected device, which moves accordingly."

Geometric Self Portraits by Aakash Nihalani – "“Through”, “Stack” and “Domino”, a new series of geometric self portraits by Brooklyn based artist Aakash Nihalani."

Osama Death LULZ: the memeification of history – "Even before President Obama went on live TV last night to officially announce that Osama bin Laden had been killed in a US military operation, animated gifs and jpeg shoops commemorating the death of the world's most wanted bad guy were already proliferating."

Fan killed, players fight, bees swarm at Goias match – "semifinal match between Goias and Vila Nova was delayed for 20 minutes in the first half on Sunday so firefighters could use diesel fuel and fire extinguishers to remove a swarm of bees that had overtaken the top corner of one goal post."

SPARKD: Anonymous BitTorrent Powered Video Streaming – "It’s intended to give citizen journalists the ability to avoid censorship and stream video to millions of people anonymously, but the underlying library of tools might have other interesting use-cases for the P2P community too."

History reloaded and remixed – "The feature length documentary is entirely comprised of 16mm footage filmed by Swedish journalists between 1967 and 1975, covering the “race wars” and black power activism in the USA at that time. Beautifully shot and composed, the source material is a rich treasure trove of intimate interviews, streeters, and verité looking at racism in America from the perspective of those in Black communities fighting against oppression with guns and words."

Mockingbirdz – "Communal Twitter Profiles" nice twitter experiment

Foursquare Users Check In To Post-Osama Bin Laden World – "After Sunday night’s announcement that Osama bin Laden is dead, Foursquare users have — in a ceremonial gesture — started checking in to a world in which the Al Qaeda founder no longer exists."

Osama bin Laden Was the Most Wanted Face of Terrorism – "Obituary | Osama bin Laden"

PR company copyrights “radical media”, threatens to sue activists – "a corporate advertising company calling themselves @Radical Media LLC has trademarked the term and has sent a threatening cease and desist letter to the organisers" radical media is free media. or is it?

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