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Eclectic Method – The Apocamix – just in time for the apocalypse…

A Group of Hipsters Discussing Today’s Most Exclusive Music – deep! the cow could take a wife. infinity remix song.

I Like Vegetables — Parry Gripp – "Rock that cabbage!"

Rap attack on climate change sceptics hits home – "Droppin facts all over this wax While bizness be crying about a carbon tax"

Australian dies after 'planking' on balcony, police say – "Australian police say a man who plunged to his death from a seventh-floor balcony on Sunday was participating in the internet craze of "planking"."

Planking, Laying Face Down In Public With Your Arms To The Sides – "Planking, a fad gaining popularity in Australia, where people lay face down in public spaces with their arms to the sides."

A Love Story… In Milk – a rebel milk bottle falls in love with another


urinal dress – gah, where is duchamp when you need him?

Duchamp was here – it appears that duchamp was indeed there

Proven: Vegetarians Most Likely To Enjoy Oral Sex – "A study carried out on no less than 256,370 OkCupid users has determined that vegetarians are indeed most prone to enjoy giving oral sex than meat eaters."

Judgment Day Open Thread: How are you planning to celebrate The Rapture on May 21? – "My cousin John says that tomorrow evening, he's buying up a bunch of blow-up sex dolls, filling them with helium and releasing them to heaven."

Study: Religious people still have sex, they just feel worse about it – "It seems that both religious men and women and atheists have sex at roughly the same rate. Both groups also reported watching pornography, masturbating, even pursuing affairs, at roughly the same rate. The main difference between the religious and the non-religious was that the devout felt guilty about it. "

Preview Miyuke Mayabe's Ico Novel Finally Translated To English – "Almost a decade since it was published in Japan, Miyuke Miyabe's Ico: Castle In The Wind, a non-canonical novel based on Fumito Ueda's cult classic PS2 game, will finally see an English translation and North America this August."

Apple triggers 'religious' reaction in fans' brains, report says – "For Apple fans, the brand triggers a reaction in the brain that's not unlike that of religious devotees, according to a BBC documentary series that cites neurological research."

Pirate Party Servers Raided by German Police – "This morning German police confiscated the servers of the Pirate Party, currently the sixth largest political party in Germany. Details of the raid are still scarce, but initial information indicates that the raid was targeted at a service running on the Party’s servers. The timing is unfortunate with the Pirate Party participating in the upcoming election in Bremen this Sunday."

Your 5-Day Forecast! #Funny – and more rapture humor.

rapture day prank Amazing…. – "Amazing. All the atheists will be hiding on Saturday."

Atheists Do It Better: Why Leaving Religion Leads to Better Sex – "A new study shows that religious people have as much sex as atheists, but with less sexual satisfaction and more guilt."

The Tunnel – "The horror film, The Tunnel, is being offered for free, as a torrent. If you like it, you can kick in some money here. "

Make your Franklin – "Make your Franklin suggest each of you to re-create a symbol of modern society : the 100$ banknote."

Portal prank: covering up crosswalk button sign – "Someone's replaced crosswalk button with this funny reference to Portal, an addictive puzzle-game"

Exploding watermelons put spotlight on Chinese farming practices – "New food scandal as fields of watermelons are destroyed after farmers mistakenly apply growth accelerator"

Anatomy of a Mashup: Definitive Daft Punk visualised – pretty visualization of a mashup

Living in SF Means… – "Broke-Ass Stuart reflects on living in the city by the Bay" with illustrations by wendy macnaughton

Wendy MacNaughton – kickass san francisco illustrator

French 3 Strikes Suspended Due To Anti-Piracy Security Alert – "Following a weekend security breach at Trident Media Guard, the outfit spearheading data collection for France’s 3 strikes anti-piracy drive, the country’s HADOPI agency has severed interconnection with the company. This means that, pending an enquiry, French file-sharers are no longer being tracked, a major embarrassment for the government."

mikeydoodles. lil' star wars – "Here’s all the Lil’ Star Wars characters I’ve done so far"

Seen On The Streets Of Berlin – Isaac Cordal, goddamn genius

zaha hadid: chanel mobile art pavilion paris – "zaha hadid's mobile art pavilion has found its permanent home outside of the institute du monde arabe in paris after a world tour – inclusive of new york, tokyo and hong kong – that began in 2008."

Shepard Fairey and McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage – "Shepard Fairey, that designer most famous for creating (stealing?) the iconic Obama image, has designed the cover for the new edition of Marshall McLuhan’s famous book, The Medium is the Massage. Fairey is known for creating art that often makes reference to the way propaganda is used by the powerful to control the masses into obeying."

Banksy’s Real Name is… – "In January, the real name of the enigmatic Banksy was being auctioned off on eBay. It was never revealed for whatever reason, but out of frustration, the man with the information decided to post it “Banksy-Style” through graffiti. It didn’t work out well for him this time, either."

3D Printed Strandbeest by Shapeways – "3D print-on-demand website Shapeways is now offering official reproductions of kinetic artist Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests. Remarkably, they arrive into being fully functional with no assembly required."

FA CUP 360 – impressive 360 panorama of the FA Cup Final, allowing people to tag themselves via facebook [via habi]

FREE AI WEIWEI – "If you don't speak out, and don't clear your mind, then who are you" Ai weiwei

Maria Fischer – book with stitched hyperlinks [via lopetz]

Street Art Stickers "outdoor WC" – nice one

L019: Bitcoin P2P Currency: The Most Dangerous Project We've Ever Seen – "Bitcoin is a P2P currency that could topple governments, destabilize economies and create uncontrollable global bazaars for contraband." xeni on twitter has asked for a women version, named bitchcoin, her choice of words…

Tear Down This Wall: Why Open WiFi Is Safer Than You Think – "If you’re just some guy on a home network with just one laptop, your home network is not going to be any more dangerous than doing some work at a coffee shop, even if you leave it wide open"

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