elderflower jelly

Holler Limo

after two failed attempts I finally managed to make a very nice elderflower jelly.
in my previous attempts the jelly had turned out much to liquid, unusable with bread and butter, we just used it for some deserts and drinks.
the trick seemed to be to add some apple juice, the pectin from the juice seemed to help to reach the right consistency.

harvest 7 – 9 elderflower stems
carefully pluck flowers from the stems
place elderflowers in 1 liter of cold water
leave it in a sunny spot for 24 hours
filter using a cheese cloth
this should leave you with about 0.8 liter of infusion
add the juice of one lemon
add 0.4 liters organic apple juice
in a large pan bring to a boil
add 50 g. unigel
keep boiling for 1 minute
add 1 kg of organic white sugar
bring to a boil again, while carefully stiring with a wooden spoon.

when you fill the jelly into clean jars you can add a few elder flowers, careful not to add any stems, to make it look truly awesome.

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