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Baaa – "Experiments in ovine geometry." cyriak remixes sheep

I'm Bradley Manning – "We are all Bradley Manning."

Kid Gives Speech After Learning To Ride A Bike – a bit thick on pathos, but great rethoric

FLASHMOB – TESTÉ SUR DES HUMAINS – "Here's the Flashmob organized by the "Testé sur des humains" team at TVA."

Porn Rental (with Michael C. Hall and Ben Schwartz) – <inside joke>"6 feet under"</inside joke>

The Mute Button – "For our latest mission 23 actors and 2 dogs infiltrated a public space and went on “mute” at coordinated intervals. The mission took place near the northern entrance to Prospect Park in Park Slope, Brooklyn."

Michael Jackson vs Mr. Bean – who's bad

Weezer – Paranoid Android – "Weezer, covering "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead" still the song i wanna die to


Instagram Rises as Social Web Embraces Photo Sharing – "Digital camera sales may be weak, but thanks to cellphones, picture-taking has never been more of an everyday thing. Now a wave of mobile applications is letting people tweak their cellphone snapshots and share them with friends and strangers." did you know only 4 people worked at instagram?

Underground Website Lets You Buy Any Drug Imaginable – "Silk Road makes buying and selling illegal drugs as easy as buying used electronics — and seemingly as safe. It’s Amazon — if Amazon sold mind-altering chemicals." i wanna get high, so high…

Butter bean purée with dukkah recipe – "Both parts of this dish work brilliantly in their own right, but together they're something else" may not sound that exiting but check out the picture

First impressions of “Illuminazioni” exhibition at Venice Biennale – "Swiss art historian Bice Curiger, the curator of the Zurich Kunsthaus and co-founder of the art magazine Parkett, is only the third woman to be entrusted with this task and the sixth non-Italian. She has called her show “Illuminazioni”, and has invited 83 artists to take part. " chauvinism in art, maybe?

Censorship in Venice: sculptures covered up at Azerbaijan pavilion – "The country’s president protested that the works are insensitive and promote an overly strict image of Islam"

The Faux-Vintage Photo – "faux-vintage photography, while seemingly banal, helps illustrate larger trends about social media in general. The faux-vintage photo, while getting a lot of attention in this essay, is merely an illustrative example of a larger trend whereby social media increasingly force us to view our present as always a potential documented past."

Potholes, A Photo Series That Humorously Reimagines an Urban Blight – "The “Potholes” photo series by Canadian art duo Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano reimagines the infamous urban road terrors as benign and humorous–instead of destroying shock absorbers"

Gigantic Noah's ark replica aims for London Olympics – “Contractor Johan Huibers is finishing up work on construction of an ark that is (Biblically speaking) almost exactly the assumed size of Noah's ark, approximately 450 feet (136.17 metres) long and 75 (22.86 metres) feet wide.”

CRYSTAL OF RESISTANCE – THOMAS HIRSCHHORN – hirschhorn @ biennale venice, check out the stamp!

Google's YouTube policy for Android users is copyright extremism – "Denying access to pay-per-view videos for those who modify their Android devices is the antithesis of openness"

Jonathan Franzen: Read Some Erving Goffman. Please! – "When blurring the line between technology and the self, Kerim Friedman asserts that while you might be narcissistic, your telephone is not." and a review on

Technology Provides an Alternative to Love. – "Let me suggest, finally, that the world of techno-consumerism is therefore troubled by real love, and that it has no choice but to trouble love in turn." that franzen rant

Google – "+1 buttons let people who love your content recommend it on Google search" yes yes, i had the button on the first day of it’s release and still not one soul has clicked it… worst website ever?

YouTube introduces Creative Commons option for uploaders, remixers – "YouTube + Creative Commons = awesome. Starting tomorrow at 9am Pacific time, YouTube will offer the option to license videos with the Creative Commons CC-By-3.0 license, and will introduce new remixing options in YouTube's cloud-based video editor."

This Guy Has My MacBook – "On March 21, 2011, my MacBook was stolen from my apartment in Oakland, CA. I reported the crime to the police and even told them where it was, but they couldn't help me due to lack of resources. Meanwhile, I'm using the awesome app, Hidden, to capture these photos of this guy who has my MacBook. "

YouTube unblocks video of 13yo Syrian boy allegedly tortured, killed by government thugs – "YouTube has reinstated access to a graphic, horrifying video of Hamza Ali al-Khateeb, a 13-year-old child who is reported to have been tortured, castrated, and killed by Syrian government thugs after being separated from his mother and father at an April protest against the Assad regime."

Love The Future, Free Ai Weiwei Poster – “Love The Future” is an OBEY inspired poster created by Andrew Lowe to help raise awareness for Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who is currently being detained by the Chinese government."

GRAND THEFT AUTO IV – Map: Liberty City – liberty city received the full-on google map treatment including street view

Jonah Lehrer on the Wisdom and Foolishness of Crowds – "This research reveals the downside of our hyperconnected lives. So many essential institutions depend on the ability of citizens to think for themselves, to resist the latest trend or bubble. That's why it is important, as the Founding Fathers realized, to cultivate a raucous free press, full of divergent viewpoints."

Fragmentr – "Upload images that are at least 800px wide. Try to select images that will combine in interesting ways: a variety of colors, pattern and depth in your images will result in more interesting fragmentations." collaborative collage tool, works in chrome or safari only

At e-G8, "Wild" Silicon Valley Bigwigs and "Civilized" European Fogeys Make Plans for Your Internet – "Critics are claiming the massive international event is Sarkozy’s attempt at tightening governmental control of the internet."

Court forces Twitter to expose anonymous government critic – "There is some confusion today due to The Telegraph inarticulately tying this libel case, fought in U.S courts, to a forthcoming privacy case in the U.K., where footballer Ryan Giggs' superinjuncted penis was exposed on Twitter."

Sky, ITV and my daughter all agree: Barcelona are quite good – "In truth, the only punditry that mattered came from my own sofa and my youngest child, who observed: "Their players are better than ours."" true that

Twitter reveals secrets: Details of British users handed over in landmark case that could help Ryan Giggs – "For the first time, the American social networking site has bowed to a court action brought by a British group complaining that they were libelled in messages."


Es sind alle nicht ganz so nett: Über das aktuelle Gezerre um Mani Matter – "Seit Mani Matters Unfalltod ist sein Bild massgeblich von einem Freundeskreis um Joy Matter und ihr selbst geprägt worden. Zunehmend streiten nun divergierende Interessen um ein Stück Definitionsmacht an diesem Bild. Gut so: Auf einen Kopf von nationaler Bedeutung muss es mehr als einen Blick geben."

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