don’t get me wrong …

… i love my car-entertainment-system. i love driving my car, the music on like REALLY really loud. the subwoofer pumping into the back of my seat. turning my silly kangoo into a pseudo-boom-car lowridahhhhhhh….
but i hate how my cd-player speaks to me.
now, whoever came up with that stupid idea? as usual in such situations, i start to imagine the boardmeeting, during which some manager, who just got back from a new-age-management workshop, convinces his colleagues, that nowadays machines got to have a personality. gadgets have to be made likeable so the customers start to relate to them. but this is just silly, guys… it’s maybe cute/funny/surprising ONCE! then it starts to get on your nerves and you want it to stop!
so whenever i turn the cd-player on the display says welcome [no, it has not remembered my name yet and i have had it almost a year!], and then it volounteers it’s brand and make in blatant self-promotion.
well guess what, you silly machine, i am not stupid and i understood the first time you told me. no need to repeat it each time.
but the worst is, when i turn it off the fucking display reads: goodbye. come on. goodbye relative to what, geez. shuddup!
did i ask this machine to talk to me? no!
just play the music.

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