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sprouts! – organic motherfucking sprouts… sigh


bike lanes – "little movie about a ticket i got for riding my bike not in the bike lane"

Rental Car Rally – "Several times a year, hundreds of costumed competitors embark on epic weekend journeys. The only rules: hit the checkpoints, sabotage the competition, and party ridiculous."

Exclusive Preview on iOS 5 – "the iPad even more magical!" orly

My Social Tattoo – "Finishing my social tattoo with 152 pictures of my Facebook Friends! Of course I gave it a lot of thought. These are not all my friends. Just the people I care most about."

Asking Random Londoners What Song They Are Listening To – "Joseph Jenson and Michael Fostiropoulos made a video asking random Londoners wearing headphones what song they are listing to. It was inspired by the video created by Tyler Cullen where he asked New Yorkers the same question."

.wav – as a prank some guys in hamburg add a microsoft logo where the new apple store will open.


Google Earth now lets you explore the sea floor in high res – Google has teamed up with oceanographers at Columbia University to add more ocean seafloor to Google Earth than has ever been available before. – howto delete accounts on most social websites, colour codes the difficulty to do so.

Sacha Baron Cohen As 'The Dictator': First EXCLUSIVE Look – "And you thought Borat and Bruno were wild disguises." can’t can’t wait for this movie.

greenaid – very cool seedbomb vending machines.

Juke Bot 4GB Blue USB w/ 3 "Hard Sell" Sets in WAV Form: DJ Shadow – "Juke Bot USB is 3" x 2" x 1" Juke-Bot which comes pre-loaded with 3 "Hard Sell" sets including The Hard Sell, The Hard Sell Encore, and the previously unreleased Hard Sell Live in Portland 2008. All audio on the USB in top-quality WAV form. You can then use the Juke Bot to store 4GB of your own files!"

Scenes from the Suburbs – "Director Spike Jonze teams up with Arcade Fire to create a thirty-minute short film inspired by their critically acclaimed album, The Suburbs, and its themes of war and coming of age in suburbia."

Store Buyout | The art of convenience – "Imagine walking into a store and buying everything. On May 20th, 2011 at Hercules’ Fancy Grocery in the West Village of New York City we did exactly that" yes nice, but in switzerland it won’t let me watch the video, sigh.

Marching with the SlutWalkers – "The SlutWalk movement has divided feminists. Should women try to reclaim the word? And is undressing the best way to protest against rape?"

German Intelligence Report: Increase in Left-Wing Extremism Sparks Concern – "Currently, the domestic intelligence agency classifies 767 people as "violent left-wing extremists." Most of them are younger than 26 years old and 84 percent of them are men."

Facebook Friend Sleeve Tat Is a Hoax, Artist Says [VIDEO] – "The epic, 152-friend tattoo that an anonymous woman flaunted on YouTube is a hoax." and probably a viral campaign for some company… tsk

Libya: Gaddafi used rape as a weapon, gave troops Viagra, says ICC prosecutor – file under: #isowishthisisjustpropaganda

Q&A with 'Go The Fuck To Sleep' author Adam Mansbach – "So what did the pirated PDFs contribute?

It's hard to say. Ultimately it probably did help, in that it allowed people to see that it delivered on the promise of the premise. Those things ricocheted all over the internet."

@Peanutweeter – "@Peanutweeter matches kinda random Twitter posts with somewhat less than random Peanuts® comic strips by Charles Schulz."

Wednesday Night Is Right for Loving – "I asked Rudder if there was a way to determine which days of the week — and which times of day — are the best to meet someone at a bar. What he came up with is something called the “sexual availability index.” "

Amon Tobin's ISAM merges music, meat, machines in 3D show and creepy hardcover – "Electronic musician Amon Tobin launches a formidable one-two punch with his new full-length work, ISAM, and a visually ambitious tour that pairs the record's sonically challenging music with shape-shifting 3D animation."

The True Story of Audion – the story of how apple crushed audion

FAKE ART – "FAKE ART ist ein Projekt von Sandra Sperhake und Dieter Hoppe, in dem sie alltägliche Situationen und banale Fundstücke in Beziehung zu den Werken bekannter Künstler setzen."

anish kapoor: ascension in venice 2011 – "'ascension' is a site-specific installation by anish kapoor, presented as a collateral event of the venice art bienniale 2011.
exploring the transience of smoke, the work creates a tangible, rising column of the traditionally immaterial substance. "

The Empire of Lies – "The Guardian’s revelations were of almost no concern to the US media, the supposed watchdog at the heart of the US empire. A search of the Lexis Nexis media database shows that Curveball’s admissions featured only in the New York Times, in a brief report on page 7, as well as in a news roundup in the Washington Times. The dozens of other major US newspapers, including the Washington Post, made no mention of it at all."

Et voila! France bans Facebook and Twitter accounts on TV – "The news has meet with a chorus of angry Tweets including a call by author and Silicon Valley insider Andrew Keen calling for the words "France" and "French" to be banned from use within the US media." can't decide who is more ridiculous, france or keen. no! keen, it's clear

Your life sucks, and that's great: Why Jerry Seinfeld is still relevant – "Perhaps while the rest of TV was showing us what we wanted to be, Seinfeld was instead showing us what we were"

Self Diagnosis – very helpful tool… erm.

Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell, Covering The Walls With Art – "a new Kickstarter project for “Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell”, where she’ll be celebrating her 28th birthday locked in an East Village room for five days covering the walls with art."

Pinhole Paper Leica M3 – "A4 net available for download soon. For now check out the inspiration for this project the original paper camera called the dirkon."

When Will Soccer Stand Up Against Homophobia? – "Tragically, it is still generally presumed in elite soccer circles that coming out would result in prejudice that could even impact on a player’s career on the field, nevermind the abuse players may fear from the terraces or gutter press."

More than 9 in 10 Americans believe in God – "Poll shows U.S. still extremely religious — unlike our Canadian, U.K. or European allies" you gotta be joking, there is no God, there is only the Mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster, k?

Turntable: Play music together. – give it a spin, if we are friends on facebook …

Activists block Venice Biennale in support of Voina – "Left activists of Venice, headed by Marco Baravalle, conducted an intervention at the opening of Venice Biennale, demanding to free Ai Weiwei and end the criminal persecution of Voina. "

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