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Beastie Boys Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 Vinyl – father's day video by the beasties to promote their album release on vinyl.

What Songs Are They Are Listening To in Denver & Stockholm? – "A new theme is emerging where videos are being made asking random people on the street wearing headphones what song they are listening to." keep em coming.

Radiohead – Paranoid Android: YouTube Artists Mix – the video was made using youtube videos by 35 musicians.

Life After Growth – degrowth is the d-word

Thru Jerusalem – a musical journey through jerusalem

SEXTAPE – 'The View' Remix – some radical editing here

DJ Cat – "Dilla learns some scratching techniques."

Videogame of Thrones – Game of Thrones Theme (8 bit style remix) – "High quality MP3 here:"

GO PRO ON HULA HOOP – "My sister and I thought it'd be cool to attach a small wide angle camera to her hula hoop. Laura Saik is the mohawk hula hooper" whatever next? naked hula hooping? hmm, there's an idea

Maine Coons Synchro – cats choreography, wait at least until one ginger yawns…


Webstagram – Instagram Web Viewer – instagram's missing web interface

screenstagram – "Screenstagram displays photos from Instagram."

BBC iPlayer global launch to begin in western Europe – "Diehard BBC fans living in western Europe will have to pay somewhere under $10 (£6) a month – the fee is still to be decided – in return for a mix of contemporary and archive content on the Apple tablet, all of which will be in English."

gravity lander pro iphone game released – "Help three Cosmonauts on their mission to master gravity and debris cluttering the landing bases on Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa and Neptune."

Vancouver Riots 2011: Kissing Couple Identified – “I knew it was him because he doesn’t have a lot of clothes with him and he always puts on the same thing”

Strange Hooded Guardians Appear All Over Europe – "The Guardians of Time are to warn humanity while the Guardians of Light are to protect, something one feels to the core when looking at his sculptures."

The Flaming Lips Play Dark Side of the Moon at Hollywood Forever Cemetery – "The day began at sunrise, when the band joined up with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for a secret acoustic performance of "Do You Realize," using the cemetery's bell tower as an instrument. "

Grilled courgette and fennel with saffron crumbs recipe – "The fried saffron crumbs started off life as soup croutons before I realised how good they’d look over grilled veg"

Animals Being Dicks – silly gifs of animals being jerks

muji: charity items for japan relief – "muji has just released a new collection of items, part of whose proceeds is destined for the victims of the japan earthquake and tsunami. designed to depict power and energy, the patterned pieces feature traditional chinese kanji characters, fashioned into a recycled paper fan and square and towel cotton handkerchiefs."

Pi Explained – math geek anim gif

Interview: Erik Knutzen – urban homesteader interview. "Avi: How did you get started with bees and honey? Erik: I owe all of my beekeeping knowledge to the amazing Kirk Anderson of the Backwards Beekeepers. Kirk is one of very few all natural no-treatment beekeepers in the world. Conventional beekeepers treat their bees with all kinds of toxic chemicals, use artificially inseminated queens and all kinds of other interventionist strategies. Kirk's approach is really the way we should approach all complex systems such as nature or the economy. We should admit that we don't know much about the way they work and keep our interventions to a minimum. Kirk has taught us how to capture swarms of feral honey bees that have managed to survive all the problems that have beset conventional beekeepers in recent years. In short we let the bees "keep" themselves figuring that they know better than we do how to get along."

Tube Map Of British Comedy – very clever, tube styled map to british comedy

The Wheels Of Steel: Turntables in your browser (a web-based DJ prototype) – "I've wanted to build some sort of browser-based turntable interface for years, but it wasn't really practical until CSS3 came along (making circles and rotation possible) and flash 10, which added support for dynamic audio manipulation." TEH awesome

The Future – "Ponder the advice. MJ is trying to help you, but she can't do it alone." miranda july has included an online oracle on the website promoting her new movie The Future

Anish Kapoor rejects China show in support of Ai Weiwei – "British Council had asked the artist to consider a show in Tiananmen Square"

Journalistic Verification, Amina Arraf, and Haystack – "The stories of Amina Arraf and Haystack contain odd parallels: Both took advantage of fervor around Middle Eastern uprisings, both had a grassroots formation of followers…and both thrived on the promotion of professional journalists, whose praise helped garner them support. Both were also absolutely sensational stories that may have caused journalists, otherwise scrutinizing, to discard their usual standards."

Why I'm skeptical of the "Earless Bunny of Fukushima" – "This bunny is earless. But why? According to the buzz on the Internet, it's because he was born near the site of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meldown—the victim of radiation exposure in the womb. Theoretically, that could be true. "

Presso – "The Presso is a minimalist espresso maker that requires no electricity or CO2 canisters" want!

Apple Store employee moves to create union – "An Apple Store employee in San Francisco named Cory Moll has moved to create a union for himself and other Apple Store workers"

Tracy Morgan: If My Son Was Gay, I'd Stab Him To Death – "Comedian Tracy Morgan went on a vicious homophobic tirade during a stand-up performance June 3, 2011 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN." oh come on, really? sad. he later apologized, but still…

White man from Georgia is "Gay Girl from Damascus" – "it turns out Amina is a 40-year-old white man from Stone Mountain, Georgia named Tom MacMaster."

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