crowdsourced shaming of public mobile phone spam

aren’t people who talk loudly on their mobile phones in public spaces just the most annoying thing?

and it happens more and more it seems. for a while there was hoping, that it would decrease with the years, when people would get more used to technology, ubiquitous availability, novelty and that they would develop some sort of etiquette for using mobile phones in public spaces. but no such thing happened. it seems to keep getting worse. to this day people start to talk louder and get more stupid as soon as someone calls them on their mobile.

it’s like audio spam, another daily unsolicited annoyance.

well, recently i had an idea that might help to tone this down. crowdsourced shaming.

how about a website – to be created – where people can upload photos, movies and even written reports of such public mobile phone spam?

i mean, these people seem to think that whatever they have to say to whoever is on the other end of their phone call is SOOO important that a whole bus/train/cafe/whatever NEEDS to know about it. so why not take their cue, and post it on the internet for the whole world to see and hear… then crowdsource their names. and let’s see if this won’t tone at least some people down.

could work imho. thoughts?

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