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‪Пёс танцор / Dog dancer‬‏ – husky dance, blink and you missed it.

VW: The Dark Side -= "Volkswagen opposes key European laws that we need if we're going to save our planet from climate change."

Splitscreen: A Love Story – "Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone" impressive

The Data Liberation Front Delivers Google Takeout – "Google Takeout lets you take your data out of multiple Google products in one fell swoop. Moreover, you’ll find that all your data is in portable and open formats‚ so it’s easy to import to other services quickly."

Roots Manuva – 'Watch Me Dance' – teaser track for the new roots manuva album 4everevolution, coming in september

INSITU – international trailer – "An interactive film about artistic interventions in the public spaces in Europe. The art and the urban, today."

The First World Problems Rap – "What are some of your first world problems? Leave a comment :D"

Japan's gargantuan clean-up continues – "It has been months since Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami, but officials say the clean-up work has only just begun, and will likely go on for years"

Art Bollocks (or Stupid Kunst) – by Charlotte Young – is my new hero

Artist's Statement – does a great job at mocking the lingo artists are forced to use these days to buff up their work


Instant artist statement: Arty Bollocks Generator – "Do you hate having to write your artist statement? Generate your own here for free, and if you don't like it, generate another one."

Animal Footprint Beach Sandals Make Walkers Paws – "these rugged pine wood sandals will soothe your soul with their whimsical animal footprint soles."

Get Started On Google+ – "Google made a big splash this week with the launch of a new social sharing service, Google+. But like any new social network, it takes a little practice to share the right information with the right group of people. Here's a look out to get up and running on Google+ without looking like an oversharing n00b."

Exclusive: Stream Brian Eno’s New Album, Drums Between the Bells – "Brian Eno doesn’t release his new album, Drums Between the Bells, until next Tuesday, but you can start blissing out to the whole thing now, thanks to an exclusive arrangement between and Warp Records."

Stream: Radiohead remixed by Jacques Greene & Caribou – "The first Radiohead twelve inch with remixes of Little By Little (by Caribou) and Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene) will be officially released Monday, July 4. But you can hear them today."

Fingathing – Man Made Monster – fingathing is announcing a new album, it's about time, really ;p

Amy Goodman To Host Discussion With WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange and Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek – "This Saturday, July 2, Amy Goodman will moderate a conversation with WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange and renowned Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Žižek. "

Solar Power? Yes Please! Stickers – genius pro-solar energy stickers by BD, Bern

15 Top Instagram Users – this article proves just one thing: people are sheep, and they will follow who everyone else follows from an artistic standpoint only very few of these photographers impress me as much as some of my own contacts, notably frenzine, turpentinedesign, blumenkraft, phrederich. depressing stuff.

Chinese faked photograph leaves officials on street of shame – "Officers in Huili, Sichuan apologise for badly doctored picture of men inspecting new road on local government website"

Arcade Aid – "can you name all 167 video games hidden throughout this city?" game on [edited: i failed miserablly]

The Vinyl Frontier- a film by Daniel Zana – 83 minute documentary on this bizarre scene

bloggers illuminated by their screens – a most brilliant portrait series

-*- World of Fourcraft -*- – 'The World of Fourcraft is an adventure of Social Conquest™ The object of the game is to join forces with your Borough Buddies™ and swarm over and conquer the entirety of New York City.'

Arcade Fire & Spike Jonze short film gets geo-blocked – "Countless indie rock fan were left disappointed Monday when a short film collaboration between Grammy winner Aracade Fire and acclaimed director Spike Jonze was inaccessible to viewers from the U.S., Canada, Germany and Australia." for once it's the other way…

markus kayser: solar sinter 3D printer – "london-based markus kayser, a masters candidate in design products at the royal college of art, converts the raw resources of sunlight and sand into glass products with his fully automated, solar-powered 'solar sinter' 3D printer."

Jigoshop | A WordPress eCommerce plugin that works – "Jigoshop is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress developed by professionals with years of experience delivering online shops for global brands. " must test this.

Inside Out – "INSIDE OUT is a large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work."

Why LulzSec had no choice but to disband – "After just 50 days, the group said it was ceasing individual operations. Why, when you might have thought things were going so well?"

amenbo 5-finger mouse – "'amenbo', a new input device by japan-based company double research and development, measures the movements and pressure of individual fingers, opening a range of expanded computing possibilities." i see so much potential here

Talk-o-Meter shows, how much everybody is talking. – "There are friends, colleagues or even partners who do not notice it, when they dominate others in a conversation. They just talk too much. A little iPhone app helps."

The Maisel vs Baio Incident – "Should Jay have the right to claim the derived image isn’t fair use and ask for a cease and desist? Yes. He’s not, as many are saying, a dick for his opinion. Should Andy have the ability to defend his stance that it is fair use. Of course. Should it take the kind of money that only either corporations or the very rich can easily afford to spend in order to get a judge’s ruling and find out? Definitely not. That’s the real problem here." Kicks Out International Users – "According to All Things Digital, the recent Americanization of the site indicates that is aiming to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to make an honest website out of itself and avoid grappling with music licenses."

Zizek – "Saving endangered species, saving the planet from global warming, saving AIDS patients and those dying for lack of funds for expensive treatments, saving the starving children … all this can wait a little bit. The call to “save the banks!” by contrast, is an unconditional imperative that must be met with immediate action."

The History Of The (Fake) 'Free Public WiFi' You Always See At Airports – "Apparently, there was a bit of a bug (one of many…) in Windows XP in terms of how it handles certain situations, and it effectively created a "virus" in that unwitting travelers around the globe are all broadcasting "Free Public WiFi" from their computers without realizing it, after they tried to connect to such a network" too funny is off-limits to non-US music fans – i can get back in, but… would i risk a perma ban? another fucking music-industry-fail

JR does the Houston/Bowery wall! – JR does brooklyn wall

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