hurt highschool style

has this ever happened to you?
you trusted somebody with very personal information about yourself and then later, maybe in a fight, this person turns the information around and uses it against you?
i assume alot of people are familiar with this kind of situation.
it’s typical highschool stuff!
well, something like this has recently happened to me!?!
the first time in a long time…
and after years i had forgotten how much this hurts.
it’s so obviously a blatant abuse of trust!
and there is such a mischivious, manipulative intention behind it!
it’s right in your face.
both people know this.
both see it.
yet still, it hurts like hell…
i was shocked, not knowing how to respond.
how does one deal with this? i did not know in highschool and i still don’t..
it is one of my goals in life to be an open book to people. especially to my friends, i will tell them anything. vulnerabilty with me has method. it feels right, it feels real, it feels good. it is what i want…
but of course, when this vulnerability gets trampeled on, it hurts.

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