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Eclectic Method – The Dark Side -= "MP3:​eclecticmethod/​thedarkside" catchy

Jesse & Joy- "Chocolate" – "Their task was to gather 90 handmade cookies, sugar, milk, flour, chocolate, eggs and dough; and utilize them to create a 4 minute stop motion video for a foreign artist whose lyrics still remain unknown."


Like vs Plus – pick yours ocial button

reggie watts :: – "every day is like sunday" – "one word = awesome" no no no, two words, freaking awesome.

Rapper claims planking is racist – "If smearing planking as racist is what finally makes it stop, we're not going to complain."

European E. coli: Why more outbreaks could happen – "Sprouts do seem to be the culprit, but not in the way you'd expect—i.e., one farm growing E. coli ridden sprouts. All the confusion surrounding the source of this outbreak seems to stem from the fact that the outbreak can be traced to seeds grown in many different places."

Percolate! – who needs google+? this is the site you want an invite to

Where the aliens are flying their UFOs – "Could some of the sightings actually be… airplanes? Nah. The aliens are coming. Luckily I have a big bat, several glasses of water, and asthma to keep me safe."

Still life: Bent objects – "Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art." the art is mildy amusing, the insuing discussion very very funny.

Bjork's 'Biophilia' Is One Heck of an iPad Commercial – "Each of the album's 10 songs will be paired with a separate interactive program designed by an eclectic group of programmers ranging from medical professionals to high school students."

Women football players half as likely to fake an injury as men – "woman football (soccer) players are about half as likely to fake an injury as male players." oh how very noble of them

world first 3D chocolate printer – "Manufacturing and retail could get a boost from a newly-developed 3D chocolate printer. The project is being led by the University of Exeter in collaboration with the Brunel University and software developer Delcam."

shelf-pod | Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio – "osaka prefecture, : 2006-2007" more awesome japanese architecture

Who to Believe, a Giant Optical Illusion Outside Paris City Hall – “Who to Believe” by French artist François Abelanet is a large scale optical illusion installed outside the Paris City Hall." if you understand french, DO NOT watch the video. his comments will spoil the awesome work.

GoodFishBadFish Fixes Up Seafood Recipes with Sustainable Alternatives – "Your mother has a great swordfish steak recipe, but buying the fish itself isn't that friendly to the environment. Web site GoodFishBadFish not only suggests sustainable replacements, but offers tips on the difference in taste, as well as the best ways to cook your greener meal."

Lovers Melt II: Mixed by Flying Lotus – “Lovers Melt 2 will hopefully be part of your summer sound. Some of my favorite songs ever.. Some you know, some you might not..”

Gif Shop – "add a spark of life to their stagnant snapshots look no further than Gif Shop. Launching today, the iPhone app makes creating, editing and sharing animated gifs less tedious and more fun."

People Staring at Computers – "A project by Kyle McDonald that automatically posts pictures of people staring at computers."

Waterlogged Reminds You to Drink More Water, Helps You Avoid Overeating – "Waterlogged is an iPhone app that can help you track your intake with minimal effort and analyze past data for an accurate look at your water consumption."

banksy: art in the streets at MOCA, los angeles – "another newer work, 'grand terrace' is a painted version of the rodney king incident, the los angeles police brutality case which was videotaped from a distance. to mark the 20th anniversary of the beating this year, banksy has inserted a colorful pinata in the center of the frame."

Living in the Stills
"Here it is guys! – Just click on the photo to head on over to the bigger version on my page. Have fun! "

Monkey steals camera to snap himself – "A macaque monkey in Indonesia took a camera from a wildlife photographer before snapping himself in a variety of poses"

Transformerer-er… – lou reed transformer anim gif

Anatomy of the UK Charts. Part 3 – The Curse of the Drum Machine – "The heat map above shows you which tempos (in bpm) were unexpectedly popular in which years. For example, see the dark orange dot around tempo 100 in 1969? That means that tempos around 100bpm were more popular than usual that year (up by more than 2 percentage points)."

Swiss quadrocopter is controlled by Kinect gestures – "A band of robotics researchers from ETH Zurich have made a nimble and zippy little robot drone that can be controlled by making hand gestures in front of the Xbox 360's body-scanning camera, and under an overhead camera."

Soulwax publishes RadioSoulwax app – "Belgian DJ duo Soulwax have opted to release an app, rather than a mix album, as their latest musical project. It's called RadioSoulwax."

daniel libeskind: museum of contemporary art in milan – "five square floor plates rotate with each successive level generating a fluid geometry. influenced by leonardo da vinci's proportions of the vitruvian man, the twisting form promotes the visionary design, fashion and furniture work that has become internalized within the milanese lifestyle. planned public transportation stops intend to link the cultural center with the city's thriving core." as if we needed more reasons to visit milan several times each year… tsk tsk

Google Wants You to Solve Problems For Money – " allows users to create “contests” where they post questions or tasks. The user can then award a cash prize to the best answer received."

QRadio my latest QRT project : – "QRadio ist the latest QRT project by SWEZA, it is an audio-visual paste up in the streets of Berlin, there are 5 tracks so far and more to come" boombox sticker with QRcode leading to a music track download.

Exclusive first interview with key LulzSec hacker – "LulzSec was all about the "lulz" or if it owed more to its roots as part of Anonymous, the umbrella group of internet subculture and digital activism, was pure speculation."

food-variety 1903 vs. 1983 – shocking infographic

Exhibition tip: Vivian Maier at the German Gymnasium – "Very little is known about Vivian Maier. She moved from France to Chicago after World War II, learnt english by going to the theatre and soon found work as a nanny. She was very secretive, wore men's shoes and big hats. Everywhere she went, she had a Rolleiflex camera hanging around her neck. "

Bradley Manning's Army of One – "article about "one of the most unusual revolutionaries in American history" breaks new ground in exploring some of the experiences that may have shaped Manning's life, and some of what might have been happening for the soldier internally before the alleged leaks. That includes gender and sexual identity issues Manning is believed to have been dealing with while in the Army (more to the point, dealing with the hostility and hate from others around those deeply personal matters)."

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