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‪Silverback Gorilla turns cameraman at Durrell‬‏ – "The fabulous footage shows the silverback investigating the device and meticulously picking out raisins with a surprisingly delicate touch"

Sesame Street breaks it down – sesame street vs. beastie boys mashup of sure shot.

‪Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time (remix to Benny Benassi Presents the Biz)‬‏ – positively addictive

Quit Work, Humorous Quitting Fantasy Videos by DeviantART – "DeviantART, a social network for artists, has released a series of videos in which suffering office workers transform into robots, pandas, and wizards to fight their jerk bosses"

‪Crazy guy- Why are you closed? Why?‬‏ – "Crazy guy yells outside Toronto mall, "Why are you closed?!"."

‪Street Dance in Paris‬‏ – this guy is quite the comedian, but also a very strong breakdancer

Opening a door via text message – "Here’s our office door, which is now able to be opened and closed via a text message. Goodbye keys!"

‪lara6683's Channel‬‏ – lara from sidney plays game and tv animation themes – some of them in costume, and super mario blindfolded

‪San Francisco Police Kill Black 19 Year Old Who Didn't Pay Bus Fare! 2nd angle!! (July 16, 2011)‬‏ – "Bay Area Police once again shoot first and ask questions later!"


Jokes from the G+hole – "How many Freudians does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two. One to turn the bulb and one to hold the penis–I mean ladder!" and more jokes

Happy 100th birthweek, Marshall McLuhan, godfather of media studies – "Marshall McLuhan, the godfather of media studies, would have been 100 years old this week."

Oslo terror suspect: Anders Behring Breivik, 32, links to right-wing extremism – "Norwegian media are reporting as his Facebook page, and Twitter account. Looks like they were both just activated within the past week, which is all very suspicious. Aftenposten notes that he is said to be a conservative Christian and a Mason, and into hunting and bodybuilding." he also played WoW.

Portland, Oregon Becomes Latest City to Ban the Plastic Bag – "Oregon's largest city has just joined a growing list of municipalities that are fed up with plastic bags — It has just adopted an ordinance that will ban plastic bags from major grocery stores, as well as some big box retailers."

Just Do It – "Emily James spent over a year embedded in activist groups such as Climate Camp and Plane Stupid to document their clandestine activities. With unprecedented access, Just Do It takes you on an astonishing journey behind the scenes of a community of people who refuse to sit back and allow the destruction of their world."

Italian Vandal – "A vandal stalks Europe…a short film by Shafiur Rahman and M3. "

elena nunziata: little helpers children's furniture – "the 'little helpers' furniture collection, created by italian designer elena nunziata for her degree project at the university of the arts, london, focuses on providing educational and engaging furniture for use by children."

Fukushima city sows sunflower seeds to decontaminate 'hot spot' – "Fukushima city officials sowed sunflower seeds Wednesday at a plaza in the city as part of efforts to remove radioactive materials from the soil."

A Deepak Chopra Inspired Game Finally Materializes – "Leela (which is Sanskrit for sport or play) for Wii and Xbox 360 promises to merge "ancient meditative techniques" with current age technology. The player's "flow state" will be developed by addressing the seven chakras that reside in each of us, according to Hindu texts."

Media Artist Contingency Plan – "This informative little sticker will help guide you towards the quickest methodology of seriously damaging your laptop hard drive during that moment of urgency."

vector portraits – LA photographer takes lateral portraits of fellow car drivers

Anonymous unleashes social network AnonPlus after Google+ ban – "Following a ban from Google+, web hacktivist clan Anonymous has said it will build its own social network — one that won't tolerate "being shut down, censored or oppressed.""

Q&A: Moby answers your questions – "If you had one tip to give an emerging band today, what would it be? Learn how to do as many things as possible. The way the music business has changed and continues to change, you can't just do one thing any more."

Hudson Mohawke – Turn Me Off – totally rad "Unofficial remix (not on the EP of course)."

Julien Levesque :: The Google Smile – "does google get the smile today" the smile changes according to google stockmarket activity. "Le sourire est uniquement visible entre 15h30 et 22H00 du lundi au vendredi " view it to the right here —> yeh there. 😉 it’s usually asleep.

App developers withdraw from US as patent fears reach 'tipping point' – "Growth in US software patent lawsuits means independent developers are turning away from it as a place to do business – as Indian software company sends warning to tech giants"

Can 'super-bees' solve the world's food crisis? – "The honeybees who pollinate our crops are disappearing, but researchers are trying to breed survivor insects to carry on"

Google+: How to View Profile Updates in an RSS Feed – "Would you rather see your friends’ Google+ posts in your RSS reader? A handy new web app called Google Plus User Feed will let you do just that — and the setup’s a snap."

Google Takeout – "Download an archive of your data from:" this is pure sex!

Export & Download your Instagram photos with Instaport – "A simple way to export all your Instagram photos to other social services or your local hard drive."

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