c’est un scandal bis bis piss bis

damn. the political activist who contested the police methods yesterday was found guilty after all.
now that really sucks.
if in fact he was innocent, this would have been perfect to show how dangerous such publishing of fotos can be. now things look less convincing. and the media of course is having a field day.
however he did “only” get charged for participating in riotous assembly and inciting riots [= he was one of the organisers of the official demonstration. this seems to be a very farfetched accusation].
this again raises the question, whether this police method represents a justified means. is it really appropriate to publish somebody’s fotos online if their only crime was the particiaption in a riotous assembly? if the person did actually destroy property this is already a very tricky question as usually people’s fotos only get published for much more severe crimes. the weaker the “crime” the more questionable the police method, no?
c’est un scandal
c’est un scandal bis

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