1. august untertauchen

someday i am gonna have to drop a bomb on this country…
a contraceptive bomb!

inspired by spider jerusalem/transmetropolitan

today 1. august is swiss national holliday. goddamn national fucking holliday! that means warlike fireworks, pseudo partiotism, little paper flags on buns, smelly sausages and couchepin speeches on the tellie….

few things merrit the word “hate”. but i do hate hate hate the swiss national holliday! fuck off!
[i actually hate this country so inna way only logical that this day is my worst]

as has been our habit for the last 20 years [except one year when i promptly got into a fight with someone, but that’s a whole ‘nother story, innit?] we escape to a foreign – lately neighboring – country during this gruesome day of silly patriotism and warlike noises.

italy it is this year!!!!
we be eating primo, secundo and gelato and hope to drive back into this godawful country as the firework’s smoke slowly dissolves into thin air … we hope!
cuuu later!!!!

an image and then i rest my case:
scary national holliday

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