ristorante biglia domodossola

uhhhhhhh yesterday we ate in a reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyy great ristorante.
in domodossola of all places. heavenly!

they even have veggie menu [18 euro!]:

grilled veggies and fruits [grilled peaches and pears are killer!!!!]
gnocchi al radiccio/ravioli alle erbe ricotta
zucchini fritti
chocolate flan con amaretti

ristorante biglia di elena cristian
vicolo dell’oro 22
via garibaldi
28845 domodossola
0324 248534

she only had eyes for the food
she only got eyes for the food
and she even… oh never mind, he he
she only got eyes for the food
click em bigger, if you dare

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