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Mac 'n' Cheese – "This roughly two minute animation took about five months to make, and about a bajillion peanut butter sandwiches."

‪Metropolis II by Chris Burden (the movie) – "Artist Chris Burden has spent the past 4 years creating this giant installation, which sees 1500 Hot Wheels toy cars and various electric trains make their way around a micro-city. Entitled Metropolis II"

skate through nyc with a gopro – footage go pro camera "i think i found it’s achilles heel – my skateboard. the day i bought the camera, i strapped it on my board and skated for 2 hours before the camera was completely dead. wouldn’t even turn on."

‪Person Pinball- 2011 Animation – "Passing pedestrians become pinball play."

‪Nando's Noise – Reggie Watts full length‬ – "Reggie Watts introduces Nando's Noise."


FAX BLOG – “If you have the (secret) phone number you can fax this blog”

Astronaut Suicides – "I understand that some believe that we should return to the surface of the moon but I have to say this bluntly, we have been there before."

The Cat Scan – "Got a cat? Got a scanner? The choice is clear."

Florentijn Hofman – "The Big Yellow Rabbit is a temporary 13 meter high sculpture. It's a enlarged cuddle toy made out of swedish products thrown against the statue of Engelbrekt."

Rolling: DEBUG – and there's a replacement. glad.

Where in the World? A Google Earth Puzzle – "We're challenging you to figure out where in the world each of the images below is taken."

The magic button — Make Everything OK – press the button and everything is gonna be ok

Miranda July Makes Magic in The Future – "Miranda July is kind of a magician. She may never saw anyone in half, but she can take a story about a thirty-something couple adopting an injured cat and dramatically transform it into an allegory about the internet generation’s fear of growing up."

Who’s Afraid of the Electric Daisy Carnival Experience? – "The indie-distributed documentary on the Electric Daisy Carnival was set to be released tomorrow, but 80% of the booked venues have dropped the film, thanks to the LAPD-provoked “near-riot” on Hollywood Blvd last week. Aw."

The Latest Crazy Instagram Stats: 150 Million Photos, 15 Per Second, 80% Filtered – "That’s 150 million photos uploaded to Instagram in just the 9 months since the app launched. For comparison’s sake, it took Flickr nearly two years to hit 100 million total photos on their service. Incredibly, Instagram is now seeing 1.3 million photos uploaded each day — that’s a rate of 15 photos per second."

Blue Smurfs and green Ninja Turtles: The cartoon-character color wheel – "A beautiful color wheel showcasing the entire cartoon character spectrum."

Who Got Naked on Wall Street Yesterday – "New York-based artist Zefrey Throwell’s five-minute public-art performance Ocularpation: Wall Street — an “absurd critique” of the lack of transparency on Wall Street — only involved one minute of actual nudity, but it was enough for social networks to ripple giddily" 3 arrested

Is monogamy like vegetarianism? – "What I say in this column is that monogamy is like vegetarianism. All the evidence points to the fact that we've evolved as omnivores, but that doesn't mean that living as an omnivore in today's world is inherently superior than choosing to be a vegetarian."

Nando's Noise | Reggie Watts – user-generated music machine featuring reggie watts

marti guixe + antto melasniemi: solar kitchen restaurant for lapin kulta – "fueling cooking efforts completely by solar energy, this environmental and gastronomic project examines perceptions of the kitchen, cooking, food and drink as they relate to nature. "

Teenager said to be LulzSec’s Topiary bailed – "The hearing today also revealed that Davis’s computer had 750,000 people’s personal details, including private log-in information."

‘Vigilante Vigilante’ Anti-Graffiti Guerrilla – "none is more indicative than the “Graffiti Guerrilla” control freak getting giddy about destroying the work of others with splotchy gray paint because it gives him a hard-on."

The Doppelganger Dinner – "a 7 course meal with an omnivore and vegetarian option where each corresponding course looked identical across the meat/vegetable line."

Hackers Target Anders Behring Breivik's Twitter Account – "We want Anders to be forgotten. Labels like ‘monster’ or ‘maniac’ won’t do either,” read another tweet. “Media should call him pathetic; a nothing. #Forgethim."

Shareholders take Vodafone to account for network shutdown during Egyptian revolution – "In addition to prolonging the misery and bloodshed of the Egyptian revolution, Vodafone’s network shutdown also resulted in the death of Egyptians who couldn’t use their phones to call ambulances during medical emergencies."

#worth a google translate?

Kein Mensch kommt aus dem Nichts: Der Massenmord von Oslo und Utöya gründet nicht einfach auf den fatalistischen Launen des absolut Bösen – "Der Massenmord von Oslo und Utöya gründet nicht einfach auf den fatalistischen Launen des absolut Bösen. Selbst das wahnsinnigste Verbrechen spiegelt die Befindlichkeit einer Zeit und einer Gesellschaft."

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