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anderson cooper has a giggle fit over depardieu's public urination – and now wait for the remixes

Graffiti Wars on Vimeo – king robbo vs. banksy – the documentary (video was taken down…)

What does being two look like? – it may seem a little cruel, but it's pretty great

Raw Video: French Bread From a Vending Machine – "French baker Jean-Louis Hecht has rolled out a 24-hour automated baguette dispenser, promising warm bread for hungry night owls, shift workers or anyone else who doesn't have time to pick one up during their bakery's opening hours."

Birmingham Riots 2011 | How it all began… – some interesting insights how the riots in birmingham might have started


Ulric Collette | Portraits génétiques – "Un travail de recherche photographique sur les ressemblances génétiques entre membres de même famille"

Getting High for Less: Easier Access to Better, Cheaper Heroin Cripples Small Towns – "Black tar dealers employ what is referred to as a "Pizza Hut/Domino" delivery model. After a phone order, dealers will come to you at your preferred drop-off location – be it at home or an undisclosed parking lot. After the hand-off is complete, the dealer follows up with a phone call to ensure users received a satisfactory high." finally. state of the art drug dealing.

Slavoj Žižek · Shoplifters of the World Unite – "Slavoj Žižek on the meaning of the riots" the smart analysis are slowly showing up

Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists – "Rising greenhouse emissions could tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report" Not a The Onion Headline? omg zomfg

The Lives of Hitler, Jesus and Michael Jackson in Pictograms – "… neat minimalist pictrogram timelines of historical and pop culture villains and heroes, dig ‘em hard. Sabine Troisvallets of design house H-57 has creatively illustrated seven noteworthy fates."

TS Icon – "The solution: We created a custom font containing the icons, elements and logotype that could then be controlled via simple CSS styling." font contains all social network icons

Dropping In On The Demented Utopia Of The Gathering Of The Juggalos – odd. disturbing. strangely engrossing. while reading this i kept thinking, that movie Idiocracy, remember that one, it’s here already.

Playfire – social network for gamers

Why CCTV has failed to deter criminals – "After the London riots, one thing is certain: anyone promoting CCTVs for deterrence is most likely selling something, probably CCTVs."

Penny Red – "This book brings together her diverse writings, showing what it is to be young, angry and progressive in the face of an increasingly violent and oppressive UK government." a book of writings from the one voice on the uk riots that did not embarass.

How Did BART Kill Cellphone Service? – "The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system initially claimed a phone service shut-down was performed by telecoms, but that's not the latest story" the how.

Collector Beastie Boys Action Figures – "Yes! These are the very same dashing figures that you feast your eyes on in the video. […] The proceeds aka $ will be split between two very worthwhile charitable organizations that work with kids with cancer:"

Peter Crouch gets haircut from elderly riot victim – "I wasn't expecting to get a hair cut but I needed one and was in a barber shop, so I thought 'why not!?' Aaron did a great job." yay for aaron biber!

Pochoir: “Riot” – street sign to the riot

street tag iPhone app – the graffiti solution for whimps like myself

England riots: pair jailed for four years for using Facebook to incite disorder – "Two men – whose posts did not result in riot-related event – sentenced at Chester crown court after arrests last week"

Daylight Robbery, Meet Nighttime Robbery – "This is what David Cameron got wrong: you can't cut police budgets at the same time as you cut everything else. Because when you rob people of what little they have, in order to protect the interests of those who have more than anyone deserves, you should expect resistance—whether organized protests or spontaneous looting. And that’s not politics. It’s physics."

» The PDF with the ORIGIN – program is online! ORIGIN – aha, it's getting more concrete

Anonymous protests BART (happening now) – "#opbart protestor starts yelling at the crowd "All this over cell phone service?!" to which someone replies "We're protesting the shooting of Oscar Grant!" and someone else yells "I'm not! I'm here about the cell phone thing!". This pretty much sum up the feel of the protest. Many folks upset, but not really over the same things. "

Hipster Ipsum – "Pitchfork whatever helvetica gluten-free, etsy mustache echo park. Echo park dreamcatcher twee, food truck butcher etsy synth carles jean shorts letterpress photo booth locavore cosby sweater craft beer.'

Bleep: Filtered – An unsigned competition & compilation in association with Warp Records, SoundCloud & Transition Mastering – "Bleep: Filtered is a brand new Unsigned Competition and Compilation offering unsigned artists a unique chance to have their tracks A&Red, mastered, released, promoted, marketed and sold to the public. "

charlotte dieckmann + nils ferber: parasite farm – "the 'parasite farm' by charlotte dieckmann and nils ferber is an indoor compost system that can be easily integrated into your current living environment."

The Invisible Man – Eli Klein Fine Art Exhibitions – chinese artist paints himself to blend into the background

My Name Is Me | Supporting your freedom to choose the name you use on social networks and other online services. – "Supporting your freedom to choose the name you use on social networks and other online services."

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich – "While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks."

Banquesy: The Frenchman – known as Blek le Rat – accusing Banky of stealing his 'guerilla art' style – "Banksy does not give interviews but in his unofficial biography he says of Blek le Rat: ‘Every time I think I’ve painted something original I find out that Blek le Rat has done it as well, only 20 years earlier.’"

Obey Copenhagen Post 2 (Bad) – OBEY GIANT – shepard fairey got punched in copenhagen, there are deffo two sides to this story. there is a lot to be said about street art going commercial and being used to justify certain unpopular measures. but punch him? nah

Sand Glass LED Traffic Lights by Thanva Tivawong – "using the sand-hour-glass as its model. LED lights trickle down to make an obvious statement, regarding the time left for the lights to change. Easy and intuitive."

#swiss focus

SVP-Plakate Verhunztexten – bisher gefällt mir "sei anders!" und "schweine wählen svp" am besten

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