flashmob switzerland style

swiss people are stupid.
swiss people from zurich are stupid and dangerously arrogant!
flashmobs are the latest hype in the world of blogs and online communities.
inspired by the book smart mobs by author howard rheingold flashmobs are events where people swarm at a certain time at a random place to perform a public gathering/performance without any other goal than having fun.
some people from zurich/switzerland have started a website and announced the first flash mob in zurich for the 30.7.03 UM 19.07 in zurich’s central station. 25 people showed up, but the same amount of journalists and photographers were there as well.
now the organisers got all jaded already and announced that from now on flashmobs won’t be announced on websites, but only through exclusive mailing lists via emails. ugh.
wrong conclusion guys! i don’t think flashmobs are about exclusivity! but some people will never understand and are only ever intersted in being the hippest…
correction: it’s not sooo secret after all… uhhh

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