Yo Apple. If Steve’s Gone, I’m Out. In Fact, iQuit

yeh yeh yeh, mac smack, moc moc, blah.

I recently bought the latest macbook air and I have never felt so indifferent about a new computer before. at this point i just kind of habitually buy them. but i couldn’t care less. this, i seriously hope, will be my last mac.

steve jobbs calls it sorta quits, and this generates journalists to write sappy laudatios, apple shares to drop, fanboys to panic…

but uhm. really?

sure, apple under jobbs has created some pretty cool machines. sure, they usually look good and they kinda work. but it’s just machines. tools we use to do stuff. plus under steve jobbs controlfreak reign apple has taken over from microsoft the role of most wicked player in the evil empire. drm, strict ui-control, lawsuits to break the competition…

machines. tsk

i think i am even less impressed than spock… omg

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