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#watch and – yolanda dominguez has women pose in those impossible model poses in the street

Cristiano Ronaldo in LOVE with Jose Mourinho – meow

pedro reyes: baby marx at walker art center – "baby marx, an ongoing project by mexican artist pedro reyes that looks at the potential for mass entertainment to operate as a radical educational tool. an architect by training, reyes works across platforms and disciplines-including design, installation, and video-to explore sites and scenarios of collective interaction."

Ghosts With Shit Jobs – mockumentary portrays US economy from 2040 shows the jobs americans have to do that no chinese would do

Polish Spiderman Wreaks Havoc – he's a bit of a prick. but a few scenes are great

June Bum Park 1 Parking – korean guy parks cars with his hands

Pig Farms: an Animal Equality documentary – mmmh, jamon…


Stocking Is the New Planking – recreates stock photography poses

The End – "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." orly? as flash game about death

Wikibituaries – "Everybody knows that all the major news media maintain a load of obituaries on the shelf ready for when ageing or particularly hardcore public figures drop off the twig, and equally there's the old wikideaths lark of killing people off on Wikipedia. Why not bring the two together to create a resource where a community of – admittedly probably a bit morbid – people maintain a resource of user-generated obituaries for slebs and other public figures?"

Genre busting: the origin of music categories – "Where did the terms retro-nuevo and skronk originate? Or hip-hop? Michaelangelo Matos runs through an exhaustive catalogue of music's phrasemakers and trendsetters"

Narco cinema: b-movies – "The name says it all. Narco cinema churns out low-budget, action-filled B-movies that star drug dealers, corrupt cops and politicians, strippers, explosions, blood baths but also plenty of trucks and those vehicles that are twice the size of my flat. "

OpenART i Örebro – Open Art Biennale features Mark Jenkins

From utopia to dystopia and back again – See No Evil, Bristol – "This weekend saw the final unveiling of the the See No Evil project in Bristol; Europe’s largest street art exhibition. It is, to say the very least, an extraordinary, breathtaking achievement. Graffiti artists not just from Bristol but around the globe descended on Nelson Street, transforming the whole area from drab, urban decay into what feels like a new – almost virtual – space."

Why IP Addresses Alone Don't Identify Criminals – "First, an IP address doesn't automatically identify a criminal suspect. It's just a unique address for a device connected to the Internet, much like a street address identifies a building."

Twitter traffic during the riots – "The Guardian has compiled a unique database of more than 2.5m tweets related to the riots, showing that the majority of surging social media traffic occurred after the first verified reports of incidents in an area" slow twitter is slow.

‘The Lady’ Trailer and Shepard Fairey Poster: Luc Besson Tackles Political Resistance – "The Lady stars Michelle Yeoh as Burmese revolutionary leader Aung San Suu Kyi — this is a real-life story of political oppression and resistance. The first teaser trailer, which shows Yeoh in character taking the stage in front of a throng of wildly cheering supporters, has just dropped. Along with it comes the film’s first poster, designed by Shepard Fairey"

World Press Photo – "View the entire collection of winning images from the 54th World Press Photo Contest."

Knit Your Own Mini Ninja – "Knitting kit to knit your own mini ninja Includes: booklet, yarn, felt, darning needle, knitting needles, needle & thread, and toy stuffing"

Can’t Take the Heat – "Burning Man started at Baker Beach, and we can reclaim Black Rock City here within San Francisco limits if we can visualize The Playa happening at home. Here are a few suggestions for taking a Burner staycation."

eve bailey: shoulder path – "'shoulder path' project concentrates on the form generated by a backward roll. the shapes of the structure fold and unfold recording the geometry of the successive positions of the action."

From Goblin to Morricone: the art of horror movie music – "The scariest horror films don't just make you want to cover your eyes, but your ears, too. Stephen Thrower on movie music with real menace" stephen thrower of coil/cyclobe reviews trends in horror film music through the decades

Say Something Nice – "For our latest mission we constructed a custom wooden lectern with a megaphone holster and an attached sign that read, “Say Something Nice.” The lectern was placed in public spaces around New York and then left alone."

David Graeber: Bursting capitalism's bubble. – "there seems to have been a profound contradiction between the political imperative of establishing capitalism as the only possible way to manage anything, and capitalism’s own unacknowledged need to limit its future horizons lest speculation, predictably, go haywire. When speculation did go berserk, and the whole machine imploded, we were left in the strange situation of not being able to even imagine any other way that things might be arranged. About the only thing we can imagine is catastrophe."

If PHP Were British – "would_you_mind { // Code here } actually_i_do_mind (Exception £e) { // Politely move on cheerio('Message'); }"

ryo yamada: infinite landscape – "'infinite landscape', an architectural installation in the center of a lake at the museum of contemporary art in sapporo, japan. a narrow path leads visitors from land over the water towards a box modestly clad with oriented strand board, OSB. upon entering the enclosed structure, the internal walls and roof are black, blocking the passage of light and indirectly, a sense of direction or time."

Pablo Delgado's small world – "Tiny figures are popping up all over London's East End thanks to this Mexican artist"

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