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NONONONO Cat – “The cat has seen the first time a small daughter of my friend.” how about no means no”

“Rick Perry” — A BLR Soundbite – “Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry shares a few poignant thoughts via some very Bad Lip Reading.”

One Pig by Matthew Herbert – “Matthew Herbert talks us through how he came to record One Pig – his latest album, which is made entirely out of a pig …”

American Juggalo – “American Juggalo is a look at the often mocked and misunderstood subculture of Juggalos, hardcore Insane Clown Posse fans who meet once a year for four days at The Gathering of the Juggalos.”

Goldman Sachs Rule The World Not Governments BBC Sept 26 2011 – “Trader Alessio Rastani explains how Goldman Sachs rule the world, not the governments.” smells like yesmen spoof. but as it turns out, it is not a spoof.

PUMPED UP KICKS|DUBSTEP – “DUBSTEPPIN!!!” this guy redefines dub step

Poetry Bombing With Agustina Woodgate for O, MIAMI – “We follow the artist sewing poetry tags into clothes at local thrift shops for monthlong poetry festival” i have such a crush


lolstreetart #1: PORN 2012 – “I can has cheezburger, porn and street art? Yes, you can! Welcome to the first lolstreetart calender ever – serving you delicious new works made by twelve of the best and most humorous street artists worldwide. Attention: explicit visuals!”

Vibe – “Vibe™ is a new mobile app for communicating with people around you without necessarily knowing them. Vibe works by GPS and is unique in that you choose the range and duration of your messages. It’s also anonymous. Use Vibe to exchange ideas, ask/get advice, buy/sell stuff, or even organize flash mobs!”

Flaming Lips release 24 hour song inside a human skull – “The plan is to insert a hard-drive into the human skulls, which will come covered in chrome and packaged in elegant boxes, and the hard-drive will feature the 24 hour song.”

EU: People vs Banks – “Greece’s people don’t get a cent, and we give a ton of money to rich bankers. And even worse – 30% of our money will go to speculators who recently gambled on a bailout, and want to make a massive profit from gambling on a bailout!”

Hip-Hop Happens – “Released in 1979, the single “Rapper’s Delight” launched hip-hop as a multi-billion-dollar phenomenon. The opportunistic 15-minute track also revived the career of its producer, a canny R&B veteran—but it left the true pioneers of rap fuming.”

Christian Leperino – young italian painter as seen in the pavilion academia of the venice biennale; from naples

Pietro Manzo .:: Paintings ::. – young italian painter as seen in the pavilion academia of the venice biennale; from firenze

Occupy Wall Street Media by Jed Brandt – “However, to pull it off, we’re going to need a robust people’s media unbeholden to corporate money. If we want people’s democracy then we’ve got to build a people’s media — the two are inseparable.”

matteo bianchi: muffin pouffe – “the leather cushioned stool takes on the form of the popular sweet treat. hand-made with italian materials, the quirky seat is equipped with hidden storage which is revealed by simply removing the ‘muffin top’.”

Open Letter From Arun Gupta on the Wall Street Occupation: The Revolution Begins at Home – “For too long our minds have been chained by fear, by division, by impotence. The one thing the elite fear most is a great awakening. That day is here. Together we can seize it.”

Penny Red: News from Nowhere 2 – “The question is not whether we can afford to imagine a culture beyond the control of capital and the nation state, but whether we can afford not to.”

Getting High on Krystle – what a story … inside the biggest LSD-production end of 90’s.

Flickr for Android Beats Instagram to the Punch – “Flickr has 68 million registered users that have uploaded more than six billion photos. But newcomer Instagram has momentum and a very loyal user base. This should make for an interesting contest.” Finally an Instagram App for the people with good phones. but. not available in switzerland? why???

AVOS’ Delicious Disaster: Lessons from a Complete Failure – “Link sharing site Delicious re-launched on Monday with unwanted changes, huge technical problems, and a lesson in how to kill a beloved product.” to be fair, lost of things were fixed fast. but still, what a disaster.

I decided not to have children for environmental reasons – “I recognize that I am the population problem. I’m trying to be part of the solution. Let’s make it easier for others to join me.”

First Listen: DJ Shadow, ‘The Less You Know, The Better’ – “Recalling much of his early work, but with a refined slant, the new record has a thoughtfully sequenced beginning, middle and end. Think of The Less You Know, The Better — out Oct. 4 — as an epic film score without the film.”

How Anonymous emerged to Occupy Wall Street – “Mocked at first by some, Occupy Wall Street is showing the potential of online ‘hacktivism’ allied with street protest”

VLC Media Player for Android is almost a reality – “Austen describes his work on VLC for Android to be pre-alpha at this point in time, but he is still able to show some impressive results regarding basic functionality.”

Watchlist: Florian Rivière – provocative, at times vicious urban street art interventions, the ikea style building instructions for palettes are genius.

Mad Max Fans Hit the Desert for Apocalyptic Weekend – “If life after the apocalypse will be anything like Wasteland Weekend — the Mad Max-inspired event in the California desert — then go ahead and push the red button.”

Glitch – … is live. the free to play, browser-based, cute mmo is online and rocking

Logging out of Facebook is not enough – “Even if you are logged out, Facebook still knows and can track every page you visit. The only solution is to delete every Facebook cookie in your browser, or to use a separate browser for Facebook interactions.”

Fraykers Revenge Presents The DJ Shadow Breaks Set Part 3 – “This is something i conjured up a few months ago off the cuff before my machine packed in.. what you get is a Set of Music as Sampled by Mr Shadow as well as some music that sounds like it was sampled by Mr Shadow but is Not.. and some Mashups & re-mixes flung in to the Pot…”

Aakash Nihalani’s Street Art – “Urban artist Aakash Nihalani (previously at Neatorama) sent us a sneak peek at some of his illusory street art featured in a solo exhibit in Delhi, India.”

32 Pictures Of Police Brutality From Occupy Wall Street Protests – “Over 80 people were arrested in downtown Manhattan during a protest against Wall Street on Saturday. Protestors are complaining that police used excessive force. Judge for yourself.”

INFOGRAPHIC: Google Is Destroying Our Memory – “This evolution of how we learn and retain details might allow us to be more efficient in our consumption of information, but what happens to society when we become overly reliant on Google to do the job our brains have always done?”

The revolution will be sketched – “nice drawings from the #occupywallstreet protests”

Snapshots of Last Night’s ‘Occupy Wall St’ Protest – “Despite the massive police presence, demonstrators carried on, celebrating their one week anniversary into the night. Congrats on that and the new library too.”

My World Shared – “Following that first Instameet, helped to grow by (a worldwide network of avid Instagrammers), many other meetups were organised, where the idea of having an Exhibition was born.” i would guess a first of many instagram “art” shows.

A Succulent Wall How-To – “- A pallet (I found mine for free at a local garden store — mine measured 25 x 38 inches) – Roll of landscaping paper – Staple gun and staples – Potting soil (I used 2.5 cubic feet for the 25×38 pallet)”

The Mayan Prophecies available online and as .pdf download – “Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden makes them available”

80 Arrested as Financial District Protest Moves North – “The police made scores of arrests on Saturday as hundreds of people, many of whom had been encamped in the financial district as part of a lengthy protest, marched north to Union Square.”


Eine Politikwissenschaftlerin erzählt: Wie ich Piratin wurde – “Die Schröder-SPD war mir ein Graus, die CDU keine Alternative, die FDP zu zynisch, und die Grünen waren mir zu spießig. Ich wollte Freiheit jenseits von Gut und Böse. Deshalb bin ich in der Piratenpartei.”

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