last night i learned that

arrow tarzanello means dingleberry in italian.
arrow you say 2 espressi but probably not 2 del pieri, even though there are 2 inzaghi’s but only 1 del piero playing in serie a. [we are however still in the process of checking out if it is: 2 tarzanelli or in fact 2 tarzanello’s]
arrow finland has a mediterranian climate in summer, but they only have girl’s bike’s for rent.
arrow if you mix some coca cola in with your ice tea, and then add a sip of natural mineral water the result is a very refreshing drink. we call it the iceOcolaT.
arrow bsc young boys has finally learned how to play shitty yet still win a game… woo! yay!
p.s: if you work in a bar in bern and a guy with a great haircut is ordering sometimes 2 espresssi, at other times 2 espresso with a smirk on his face, it is probably nicktheklick testing you…
watch out: he always wins!

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