radical veggies online

hello my name is goVeg.com
arrow TA/AP announced that 23 year old karin robertson from virginia USA managed to change her name to goVeg.com, a website dedicated to – you guessed it – animal rights and radical vegetarianism…
the website is actually very well done, with recipes and lots of info about the vegan and vegetarian diet. it is still quite rad to change your name to a URL… i totally wonder how here partner, friends and parents call her now. or how she answers the phone…
arrow much scarier i find revo.ch, a URL which first sounds revolutionary, then turns out to be revolutionary christian or some’in… didn’t even know they existed!
their line of argument goes “thou shall not kill” counts for any being that has eyes and we should not eat animals in order to come nearer to God. ???!!!!
this is weird, but their advertising postcard shure are catchy..

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