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We Are Winning – So What Do We Want? More Reflections from a Wall Street Occupier – “Yes, we speak a different language, a fearless and visionary one. We are shouting, with every ounce of passion and strength we can muster: Of course there is an alternative. It is us.”

Dear Occupy Wall Street, – “I know this because right now, I’m reading news reports about what you’re doing from across the globe, and talking to people sitting in the square, even though I’m thousands of miles away. You see? The whole world is watching. You did that. Whatever happens tomorrow, the whole world will be watching the New York authorities try to clean the people of America off the sidewalks of Wall Street.”

Faces of Occupied Wall Street – “I live half a block from Liberty Park, the homebase and nerve center of the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

OCCUPY WALL STREET AND MELANCHOLIA OF PARTY POLITICS « Billy Blogg – “Public opinion is shifting towards a belief that it is fundamentally unfair to allow those who created the financial crisis to continue to get wealthy while working people struggle to pay their bills.”

Today Liberty Plaza had a visit from Slavoj Zizek – “There is a danger. Don’t fall in love with yourselves. We have a nice time here. But remember: carnivals come cheap. What matters is the day after.”

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“Playa Time: Dust to Dust” – Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse -“From dust to dust, this time lapse covers over 5 weeks including the preparation of the event, from before the trash fence erection and after basically everyone except for DPW trickles out.”

5:46 am – Paris underwater, a video short

Don’t hold back, just push things forward – shaft vs. imperial march mashup, combines best of two worlds?


burning man: a brief history of the desert festival and black rock city – a quick overview containing some very impressive photos.

water bottle bike lock – “the ‘bottle lock’ by US-based bike accessory designers küat racks offers an innovative way to transport bicycle locks with less hassle. the design coils a 1.5-meter long braided steel cable lock within a case that resembles a water bottle, and thus snaps easily into common water bottle holders on bike frames.”

I’m in the 1%. But I support the 99% – “Last year, I earned a million dollars on Wall Street, but I’m sick of this society that skews the rewards for work so grotesquely”

Botanical Bakery – “Unexpected herbs spice up a range of shortbread from the Napa Valley”

Marni Kotak – “In my upcoming exhibition and performance, The Birth of Baby X, I will present the birth of my first child as a work of art.”

Greeks pay for economic crisis with their health – “Rising demand and cost-cutting put services at breaking point, while drug addiction, HIV and suicide rates increase” nice one, EU

Lulzsec hacker: we still have Sun emails, stored in China’ – “Sabu, the erstwhile leader of the hacking crew, says he is effectively on the run as he gives interview to Reddit readers about LulzSec’s achievements, Facebook, sentencing and more”

Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? – “Last month it became apparent that not all VPN providers live up to their marketing after an alleged member of Lulzsec was tracked down after using a supposedly anonymous service from HideMyAss. We wanted to know which VPN providers take privacy extremely seriously so we asked many of the leading providers two very straightforward questions. Their responses will be of interest to anyone concerned with anonymity issues.”

What Everyone Is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs – “for all his talk of enabling individual expression, Jobs imposed paranoid rules that centralized control of who could say what on his devices and in his company.”

Fear Pics – September 2011 – Nightmare Fear Factory Flickr Stream shows people freaking out in their Haunted House


Vorwärts nach Zürich Paradeplatz: Die neue Bewegung hat einen treffenden Ort gewählt – “Am kommenden Samstag soll in Anlehnung an die Proteste in New York das Zentrum des Schweizer Finanzplatzes besetzt werden. Wie ein Platz in Zürich zum Symbol wurde.”

Avaaz – Welt gegen Wall Street – “344,065 machen mit. Gemeinsam erreichen wir 500,000”

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