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Occupy The Planet

Yesterday we went to Zurich, where well over 1000 people held a friendly, creative occupy protest at Paradeplatz right smack in the center of Zurich’s financial district. While elsewhere huge numbers showed up on this global day of protest (Rome 200’000, New York 50’000, Santiago de Chile 30’000, Madrid 15’000, Berlin 10’000) and in some places things escalated and got violent (Rome), the event in Zurich was totally peaceful and a true inspiration. The police tolerated the protest. From what i read on Twitter some 100 people stayed overnight and today there will be a brunch and hopefully the protest can grow, and then jump to other cities in Switzerland (Bern, plz). I am not sure sure when I can join next time, but in spirit I am there with you guys. Thank you all for the great fun.

Two quaint Anonymous Dudes

Here are some more of my photos on flickr.

occupyParadePlatz Flickr-Pool

How to get involved:

the official website seems to be: occupyparadeplatz.ch, check out the latest there.

here’s Etherpad to offer your skills and help

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