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Occupy George – “Money talks, but not loud enough for the 99%. By circulating dollar bills stamped with fact-based infographics”

Anonymous Hacks Police Websites and Data to Support Occupy Wall Street – “In solidarity with the Occupation Movement and the International Day of Action Against Police Brutality, allied #anonymous and #antisec vessels took aim at the corrupt bootboys of the 1%: the police. We hacked, defaced, and destroyed several law enforcement targets, leaking over 600MB of private information including internal documents, membership rosters, addresses, passwords, social security numbers, and other confidential data”

Occupy The Internet – “Are you interested in taking part in the recent global wave of revolution from the comfort of your home computer? Occupy the Internet!”

Occupying – Occupy your bank! ha ha, excellent occupy generator [via b3ta]

The Real Role Of Anonymous In Occupy Wall Street – “So far, the hacker collective known as Anonymous–or those claiming the name–has failed to live up to threats made via YouTube and social media. But they have brought a lot of buzz to the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

Rome Burns – “It’ s a sad end of an attempt in Rome of the globalized protest starting from Madrid through Occupy Wall street in NY and other 80 cities which managed a peaceful protest.”

Occupy protests around the world: full list visualised – “The Occupy protests have spread from Wall Street to London to Bogota. See the full list – and help us add more”

#RobinHood Global March – “We take from the rich and give to the poor.”

Protest by consensus – “This is a global protest, and it seeks to address a global problem: the monopolisation of wealth by the elite and the failure of free-market capitalism to create a liveable future for humanity.”

Meet the Guy Who Snitched on Occupy Wall Street to the FBI and NYPD – “The Occupy Wall Street protests have been going on for a month. And it seems the FBI and NYPD have had help tracking protesters’ moves thanks to a conservative computer security expert who gained access to one of the group’s internal mailing lists, and then handed over information on the group’s plans to authorities and corporations targeted by protesters.”

#watch and

Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side) – Spike Jonez and Olympia Le-Tan produced stop motion

Occupy Wall Street in Times Square, 15 October 2011 – “This is a time lapse movie made from images from a public webcam overlooking Times Square in New York City.” time lapse video of occupy times square

Bill Clinton’s ‘hilarious’ Funny or Die video – alright, i did have quite a chuckle.

“Sound” – “Hear from sound experts and friends of SoundCloud why sound is so important to the way we connect with the world.”

I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street – nice juxtaposition of the US sympathy for the middle-eastern uprisings vs. occupywallstreet


9 Essential Geek Books You Must Read Right Now – “Over the next nine weeks, is presenting a collection of galleries intended to help people become better geeks, nine items at a time. This is the first of the series.”

Google Street View takes to the tracks for Swiss Alps railways – “The global mapping giant teamed up with Rhaetian Railway to put a Street View trike on a train car and push it through the picturesque Albula-Bernina line in the Swiss Alps, between snow-capped mountains and narrow valleys.”

Interactive Periodic Table of Swearing Extends Your Rude Vocabulary – “Artistic duo Modern Toss (aka Jon Link and Mick Bunnage) have turned their illustrated Periodic Table of Swearing into a physical, interactive machine.”

Cheese: The Most Stolen Food On The Planet – “A new report from the Center for Retail Research claims that cheese is the world’s most frequently stolen food, and as such, it has been labeled a “high risk food.”

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world – 2 swiss banks in the top 15 of the 147 companies who control 40% of global wealth, UBS 9. CS 14.

Densely-linked cluster of 147 companies control 40% of world’s total wealth – “a study published in PLOS One, analyzes the ownership structures of the world’s corporations and finds a tightly-knit cluster of 147 entities control 40 percent of the world’s wealth.”

Security Flaw Links BitTorrent Users to Skype Accounts – “Researchers have uncovered a major security flaw which allows outsiders to link a Skype account to a user’s download activity on BitTorrent. The exploit works without the knowledge of the victims and also allows outsiders to see the travel patterns of Skype users.”

Good to Know – Google – “Advice for staying more secure on the web and an overview of some of the security tools that Google offers.”

9-9-9 in One (Really Long) Graph – visualization of just how incredibly much cain’s 9-9-9 would favor the super rich

Peter Gronquist “The Evolution Will Be Fabulous” – “mix of gilded luxe brands, weaponry, skeletons and taxidermy”

occupy antartica – “I guess we did reach all seven continents”

Famous Capsules – pop culture icons created by gregory guillemin

Most relaxing song made by UK band Boffins – “So effective at inducing sleep, motorists warned not to listen to it Study says song was even more relaxing than a massage, walk or cup of tea”

Nasty Set – Tea Set by José Paulo Alves Corceiro – angry tea pot and cup

BOSCO VERTICALE « stefano boeri – “On flat land, each Bosco Verticale equals, in amount of trees, an area equal to 10.000 sqm of forest. In terms of urban densification the equivalent of an area of single family dwellings of nearly 50.000 sqm.”

Seven monks self-immolate – many more ready to die – “In the past seven months, eight current and formal monks and a nun have set themselves on fire in eastern Tibet. Four have died. For details of each self-immolation please see below.”

Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore And Kim Gordon Separate After 27 Years – “It’s a dark day for Sonic Youth fans. Bandmates Thurston Moore, 53, and Kim Gordon, 58, have decided to separate about 27 years of marriage, their label, Matador Records, announced in a statement Friday.” sad day indeed

10 million bees deaths reported in Florida – “Experts are saying that the massive amount of bee deaths display signs of pesticide poisoning, and state officials are currently testing the dead bees to determine if the pesticides were responsible for the mass deaths.”


Occupy Paradeplatz: Die O-Töne – “Porträt einer Bewegung ohne Kopf und Führung, montiert aus Gesprächen mit Bewegten.”

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