street level football game

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street level is another one of the oh so hip outdoors art events this year. situated along the simplon pass, a mountain road joining switzerland and italy in the alps, artists were asked to provide artwork with clear references to the location. some of it is quite lovely. other pieces are rather odd. [interested in a 14 march through the mountains, anyone?]
contrary to “dirty” harry szeemann in vira the curators here did a really amazing job. conceptually the project is very clear, all artwork fits right in with the landscape. so over all it is well worth a visit.
this coming sunday 16.8. at 1600 is organizing a football game between fc naters and villadossola, thus bringing together the two towns at either end of the simplon pass for a friendly game. a small scale italy-switzerland national game. the match will be held right smack in the middle on a pitch in a small village called simplon dorf.
we’re there, are you?

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