That sure is one bored museum guard, but he shouldn’t be, Biennale de Lyon is awesome

As seen at the Biennale Lyon 2011.

I might write some more about it soon, not sure, but I was quite exited about this Exhibition.

Update: Une terrible beauté est née

Bernardo Ortiz - A Hunger Artist

This was our first visit to Biennale Lyon, and I have to say I was very exited about this art show. The locations are all great and easily accessible (on weekends a boat would connect three locations). The art is very well selected by the Argentian curator Victoria Noorthoorn. The different art works blend into each other real well, it feels like there is a real dialogue happening in the course of each of the four shows, and this counts especially for the starting point, La Sucrière, an old sugar factory located on the river. Some of the built-for-location pieces work best, especially at l’usine T.A.S.E.


But what impressed me most was the “mise en scene”, how the art was placed and presented in the rooms. I could really feel that a lot of consideration and thought went into this process, and as a result you could sense the great respect and appreciation that went towards each artists work. Amazing rooms and sequences of rooms at the Musée d’art contemporain. I was also able to discover many amazing artists, many Southamericans, and some others, that I had never heard of before.

Diego Bianchi - The Ultimate Realities

All in all, very inspiring.

The low point for me was Lyon, the city, that did not appeal to me that much. It is an interesting city, nice location, situation, architecture, but it, like many other french cities, seems to suffer a inferiority complex comparing itself to Paris … as you would …

We stayed at L’Orangerie, a very nice B&B a little outside of the city.
We ate at Le Mont Liban‎ (19 Rue Mercière 69002 Lyon, France 04 78 42 35 00), a decent lebanese.

Here are more photos in my Flickr set.

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