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Boom! [all about Steve] – And Boom!

Tank Dog – “The costume is made from cardboard and paper clips (for the tracks). The dog is well rewarded with treats.” costume? ahhh, tis all good, dog gets treats… sigh [via b3ta]

OBEY COPENHAGEN PT. 1 – Shepard Faireys (OBEY) adventures in Copenhagen, in 3 short documentaries

Murmuration – “A chance encounter and shared moment with one of natures greatest and most fleeting phenomena.”

Bad Lip Reading — “HERMAN CAIN” – The best yet … but I say that with every one they release. Cain has such comedy value omg omg.

Deputy Michael D Higgins speaking on reducing the minimum wage during the Labour PMM – a speech by the new irish prime minister given back in december 2010, seems like ireland has chosen well

We Are The 1% – “Minorities have it rough in this country.” this type of joke is getting a little old. but ok

ADAM & JOE WITH LOUIS THEROUX DANCING TO GROOVE IS IN THE HEART IN 1990 – “Louis Theroux, Adam Buxton & Joe Cornish do some authentic hip-hop style dancing to Deee-Lite’s classic Groove Is In The Heart”

soulwax ‘machine’ – “The result is a breathtaking film that perfectly encapsulates the audio visual obsession of Radio Soulwax.”


Supercut: Anatomy of a Meme – “For the last few years, I’ve tracked a particular flavor of remix culture that I called “supercuts” — fast-paced video montages that assemble dozens or hundreds of short clips on a common theme.”

HMP – A Survival Guide – “up to date and practical guide to prison in the UK and how to best cope with it.” handy stuff [via b3ta]

Occupy the Future – “This article is adapted from Noam Chomsky’s talk at the Occupy Boston encampment on Dewey Square on Oct. 22.” sharp and concise
Maurizio Cattelan: genius or joker? – “He is stepping down from the art world the day his Guggenheim show opens. But is it just another prank?”

What Sting could teach Facebook – “It says something very clear about the ethics of a site in the ease of letting you leave. These things should be fun, not prisons.”

air quote mittens – I still use that gesture too much, so don’t get me these

Hear Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, and DOOM: – “Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood have collaborated on a track with DOOM (formerly MF DOOM), for a compilation celebrating the tenth anniversary of Lex Records. The song, the unfortunately titled “Retarded Fren”, is streaming below.”

senseless drawing bot – “so kanno and takahiro yamaguchi have created ‘senseless drawing bot’, a self-propelling device on a skateboard that sprays abstract linework on a stretch of wall using a double pendulum.”

Famous last words – the steve jobs version

Search Instagram – allows instagram searches for hashtags and titles

Are Occupy Wall Street Protesters Their Own Worst Enemies? – a very disillusioning read, as matt describes the occupy wallstreet camp’s darker sides.

Is society even more unjust than we think it is? – “The consistent correlations that would indicate differences in skill were not to be found. The results resembled what you would expect from a dice-rolling contest, not a game of skill.”

7 SKIES H3 – “Flaming Lips 24 Hour Song Skull $5000 USD (includes shipping worldwide) 13 qty” ships inside a real human skull

Met police using surveillance system to monitor mobile phones – “Britain’s largest police force is operating covert surveillance technology that can masquerade as a mobile phone network, transmitting a signal that allows authorities to shut off phones remotely, intercept communications and gather data about thousands of users in a targeted area.”

The Pirate Store | San Francisco’s Only Independent Pirate Supply Store – “The new website has everything to reinvigorate your childhood aspirations of setting sail and exploring the seven seas, especially if your plans for exploring the seven seas involve marauding and swords and eye-patches and scurvy.”

Forget the “baby boomer” debate, this is about cuts and class – “My speech in a debate on inter-generational conflict, attacking team mate David Willetts. We lost.”

Halloween Mini Mix – 28.10.11 by KraftyKuts – “Halloween Special – 28.10.11”

What Kind of Buddhist was Steve Jobs, Really? – “I’ve never forgotten something else Jobs told me that day: “If you want to know what I think, just look at our products.” At the time, it seemed like a crabby, dismissive, “bad Steve” response. But it was the most Zen thing he could have said.”

Flier to OWS Protesters: – “Maalox is a must.” That’s one of the many tips to be found in “Defending Against Tear Gas,” a fascinating flier making the rounds on the internet”

Enacting the Impossible (On Consensus Decision Making) – “According to conventional wisdom this shouldn’t be possible, but it is happening  —  in much the same way that other inexplicable phenomena like love, revolution, or life itself (from the perspective of, say, particle physics) happen.”


*** DINI MUETER – BAR – geil! tsüri!

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