Miranda July meets Dieter Meier Via Skype

Last night we went to Zürich, where at the RiffRaff they showed a preview of Miranda Julys new movie The Future. The movie is fantastic, maybe not as mind blowing as her first movie ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW, but just as brilliant in many ways. The movie will open in Zürich December 15., if the world does not end before then …

After the viewing there was a Q&A session with Miranda July over Skype, during which she gets introduced to surprise guest Dieter Meier of Yello (2:45). Apparently she found his latest book at some airport, got intrigued and now the organizers set up this meeting of kindred spirits …

I have been a huge fan of Miranda Julys work for some time. And she keeps surprising me. Miranda also has a new book that is about to get released It Chooses You, and German Art Magazine Du has dedicated their latest issue to her work [In german].

Spoiler Alert: At the start, Miranda does speak a little bit about her movie and may give away some information. So if you want to see just the talk with Dieter Meier jump to 2:45. But then you’d miss Miranda walking her laptop around the apartment, an awesome dress … Plus her dog!

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