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Festive greetings from Cyriak – “Something to remind us all of the true spirit of Christmas.” makes you wonder if he mixed up xmas with halloween

Кошкина йога – Kiteh Yoga Ride

Gingerbread Geodesic Dome – “Build your own gingerbread geodesic house with our lasercut dome template and easy to follow instructions including recipes for gingerbread and icing.”

Cymatic Frequencies II by DK – Part 1 – “DK returns with ‘Cymatic Frequencies II’ and as before it’s another AV mix. This is Part 1 of ‘Best of 2011’, taking personal favourites from his mixes this year and adding suitable and sometimes breathtaking visuals to compliment the audio.”

I’m Not Leaving Occupy – you best I ain’t going nowhere

The most intense taekwondo fight ever – Fierce, ferocious, only watch if you have very strong nerves ;p


Former Creative Commons CEO Joi Ito on the battles faced by CC licensing – “Creative Commons is now at “critical mass”, he claims, but argues that the average person still doesn’t know what it is. Success will be marked by Creative Commons content appearing at the top of search results provided by the likes of Google and Yahoo”

Shane Meadows, digital technology and the making of This is England 88 – “How digital cameras saved Shane Meadows’ sanity and defined the look and feel of the latest This is England installment”

Police Brutality Coloring Book Begs Question, ‘What Color Is Pepper Spray? – “Don’t let the cops see your kid coloring in this book — they might confiscate that box of Crayolas, or worse.”

Roasted butternut squash and red onion with tahini and za’atar recipe, plus lamb-stuffed quince with pomegranate and coriander | Yotam Ottolenghi – “A tasty vegetarian platter to add the wow factor to the festive table,” mmmmh, dinner

Naked lunch – “People walk past an activist during an Animal Naturalis demonstration to promote vegetarianism in central Barcelona, December 15, 2011.”

Twitter by Post – “For a month, with a billion stamps, our correspondent moved his tweets from the laptop to the post office, and rediscovered the joy of mail.” [via b3ta]

Xmas Animated GIFs – One of 5 short idents we made for E4 on the topic of Christmas. The general idea was to surprise people with something really anti-christmas

Artist Cleans A Wall To Create ‘Reverse Graffiti’ – “De Crook used a high-pressure water spray to clean off moss from a wall—forming clean lines and shapes to create his design.”

Banksy Cardinal Sin Sculpture @ Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool – “The statue? I guess you could call it a Christmas present. At this time of year it’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christianity—the lies, the corruption, the abuse.” and another brilliant banksy

How the effects of climate change can create more climate change – “how warmer temperatures and lower snowpacks are contributing to the spread of massive pine beetle infestations across the western United States. This is more than just inconvenient. The pine beetles can quickly kill huge amounts of trees, raising the risk of property-destroying forest fires and razing whole ecosystems. And, as the trees die en masse, forests that were once carbon sinks”

2011 in Lego: the year’s news – in lego – lego politics are fun.

The Media Messenger of Zuccotti Park – “How an activist/journalist’s live video stream from New York City’s Zuccotti Park garnered mainstream attention and helped galvanize a movement”

TIME’s Person of the Year 2011 – “No one could have known that when a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself on fire in a public square, it would incite protests that would topple dictators and start a global wave of dissent. In 2011, protesters didn’t just voice their complaints; they changed the world.”

Britain’s press are fighting a class war, defending the elite they belong to – “our political system has been corrupted by the entire corporate media. Defending ourselves from the economic elite means naming and unmasking the power of the press.”

Occupy Oakland takes over Port of Oakland: photos – “Occupy Oakland demonstrators sit on top of a trailer truck outside the Port of Oakland during the Occupy movements’ attempts to shut down West Coast ports in Oakland, California on Monday, December 12, 2011. OWS activists trying to shut down West Coast ports on Monday managed to close several terminals and encountered forceful responses from police, but fell short of mounting the full-scale cargo blockade they planned.”

Stop American Censorship – “I’m censoring my posts in protest of two bills that would censor the web. SOPA and the PROTECT IP act would give governments and corporations the power to take down entire websites over infringing posts by users, endangering the internet as we know it.”

Políticos bajo videovigilancia / Politicians under surveillance – “For our installation Politicians under video surveillance, we carried 75 fake security cameras with us, of the type which detect movement and possess an intermittent red light and we trained them on the advertising used by the parties in their electoral campaigns, observing from close up the faces that were touched up for the photos, of the politicians elect.”

The Complicated, Brief Life of Occupy Boston – “I will look back on all this in 20 years and just think how life changing it was, in just the sense that it helped me grow,” he said. “It was a sharing of basic human decency.” full of beautiful quotes

Flickr: 2011: the year of protest – “Do you have a picture on Flickr or yourself taking part in a protest? We’re putting together a Flickr gallery of images of people taking part in a strike or protest this year and need more entries.”

Using QR Codes To Restore Murals To Their Original State – “I’m not sure when the mural above first appeared in Vancouver, British Columbia. But I recently noticed a QR code painted over an offending tag that had been sprayed on the mural. Remarkably, the QR Code takes you to an image of the mural before it was vandalized.”

Experience the tsunami-affected areas of Japan through Street View – “Back in July, we announced our initiative to digitally archive the areas of Northeastern Japan affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Today, we’re making good on that promise—after driving more than 44,000 kilometers through the affected regions, 360-degree panoramic imagery of those areas is now available through the Street View feature in Google Maps.”

In Small Town Sebastopol, Occupy Movement Stirs Hope Of Big Changes – “Occupy Wall Street-events in big cities like New York, Oakland and Los Angeles receive considerable coverage in the mainstream media, especially when police react. Less known is the fact that the ‘Occupy’ movement has reached into small towns and mid-size cities around the country, engaging people in new conversations and moving into the local political sphere.” I <3 Sepastopol

Resort Baumgeflüster – treehouse hotel in northern germany

“treerooms with contemporary design in the middle of unspoiled nature.” I so want to go there…

Blaming the victim – “Of course they call you sick. The idea of democracy has always been infectious, and right now it is spreading like a virus around the developed world, with Occupy as its main vector.”

I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent… – “Most people know that BitTorrent is far from anonymous, but seeing all your recent downloads listed on a public website is still quite a revelation. This is exactly what does.” – “Aside of the tipi and yurt I explored and researched also on other nomadic shelters forms and built models and implemented mathematical solutions as online calculator (using just your browser) to calculate e.g. surface of half-sphere, bow-based domes, struts calculation of the geodesic dome, and worked further on the detailed calculator for the yurt and its components”


Vorschlag für die zentralste und genialste Brache der Schweiz – “Wie ihr oben zwischen dein Zeilen sicher lesen könnt, ist alles noch ziemlich ungewiss. Das hielt die Arbeitsgruppe Nachbarschaften jedoch nicht davon ab, schon mal einen Vorschlag zu lancieren, der zwei Nachbarschaften sowie einen Park auf dem Areal vorsieht (und neben all den Ideen, die für das Areal kursieren, ausserordentlich vernünftig und machbar ist).”

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