read my lips

the last g8supper are from sweden… 🙁
[regular readers of this blog may remember that i really don’t like swedes! swedes are responsible for ikea, volvos and abba!!!!!!! *barffffffff*]
but despite being swedes these guys and gals called are fantastic…
a few months ago atmo’s Bush/Blair love duet floaded inboxes around the globe.
but check out their website and you ll find many more very cool lipsynch projects:
RML Berlusconi shows Berlusconi singing “i’m just a gigolo”… and bush coming on to him!!! ha ha
RML John Paul II shows our favorite pope ever rapping to “love to love you baby”…
RML Hitler: here Hitler jams to “born to be alive”…

the image above is from the latest atmo release: a documentary called surplus which aks the poignant question: are we terrorized into being consumers?

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