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Time is Nothing // Around The World Time Lapse – “After I quit my job last year, I packed a bag, grabbed my camera and bought a one way ticket to London. 17 countries later, I put together this time lapse video of the many amazing places I came across.”

Pingu’s THE THING – “Pingu remake of John Carpenter masterpiece THE THING (1982) This is the 2 minute extended cut.”

Fishing under ice – “Some under ice views from beautiful lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland.”

never a dull moment on the nyc subway – “An awesome performance by two people who have never met before.”

Cat attacks singing card. – this cat has good taste, of course she would attack this card


How Many Stephen Colberts Are There? – “Here is this fictional character who is now suddenly interacting in the real world. It’s so far up its own rear end”

Raoul Vaneigem Interview – “But indignation isn’t enough. It is less a matter of struggling against a system that is collapsing than in favor of new social structures founded upon direct democracy.”

Global unrest: how the revolution went viral – “The past 18 months have seen extraordinary outpourings of discontent. But what links them? In this extract from his new book, Paul Mason examines how technology has been at the heart of the global unrest, and finds parallels less with 1968, and more with 1914”

Former Homeless Woman Becomes Twitter Celebrity – “The 41-year-old tweets to her more than 4,800 followers about what it was like to be homeless and also advocates for homeless people. When she was homeless, Walsh would tweet from her cell phone or use computers at her local library.”

Peeing out the window of a moving Muni bus – “HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEARS ASSHOLES, I JUST PEED OUT THE WINDOW OF A MOVING BUS.” classy.

The WELL: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky: State of the World 2012 – “we see persistent focus on the politics of the various nation-states, yet those entities are increasingly broke and powerless, their poetical and economic force is waning.” as visionary as ever.

get a free occupy sticker, designed by shepard fairey – one per household is free, but still …

Exhibition – Corporations Are People Too – “In a time where protesters across the country, and the world, are objecting to the influence corporations have over democratically elected governments and one leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President, Mitt Romney, was roundly criticized for claiming during a campaign stop that “Corporations are people too,” a bright spotlight is being shined on the complicated role they play in contemporary life.”

Sweden recognises church of file sharing as a religion – “A group of 3,000 Swedish file sharers have succeeded in getting their organisation, called the Church of Kopimism, recognised as a religion by the Swedish authorities.”

Plan to create Central Park on the roofs of Beirut – “The hanging gardens of Babylon were the inspiration for an architect’s ambition to turn the city of Beirut into a “wonder forest”.”

Mogees – “Through gesture recognition techniques we detect different kind of fingers-touch and associate them with different sounds.”

Paperback Q&A: Jon Ronson on The Psychopath Test – “This struck me as such a huge thought, I kept wondering if I could verify it. Could I become a professional psychopath spotter and journey into the corridors of power?”

Tell Congress To Undo The NDAA, Ban Indefinite Military Detention Of Americans – “President Obama just signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law despite startling provisions that will allow the military to indefinitely detain American citizens.”

Lost ring found on carrot – “Lena Paahlsson, who lives on a farm near Mora, Sweden, says that she found her wedding ring, lost for 16 years, on a carrot in her garden.”

Record mp3: record live audio and get an mp3 – “Just click the button above to start recording. We will give you an mp3 you can save, and a link you can share with anyone. If you want better sound quality, connect a headset”

Bubble Calendar, a poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day. – huge bubbles you can pop every day

The Obliteration Room, Kids Cover All White Room in Polka Dots – “Japanese avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama created obliteration room, an art work where she gathered used furniture, recreated a typical Australian home all in white and then allowed children to sticker it in colorful polka dots.”

“Blindside” can’t be seen to be believed. – “It’s called BlindSide, and it’s one of the first games to bring a brand new gaming experience to sighted players, that can also be fully enjoyed by visually impaired gamers. So far we’ve completed 10 minutes of gameplay to prove out the technology, and demonstrate that our core mechanic is fun.” game play by audio cues

Turn Any WordPress Site Into A BitTorrent Tracker – “A new plugin for WordPress allows anyone to set up a fully functioning BitTorrent site in just a few minutes.”

My Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten list – this is so meta, it almost hurts

Cory Doctorow: A Vocabulary for Speaking about the Future – “The future isn’t pre-ordained. It is contested and contestable. Science fiction isn’t a literature that tells you what will happen tomorrow.”

Guerrilla Grafters: Splicing Fruit-Bearing Branches Onto City Trees – “In San Francisco, a new form of covert agriculture is taking root: making fruit trees out of trees that normally don’t bear fruit, and turning an entire city into an orchard.”

Anonymous 101 Part Deux: Morals Triumph Over Lulz – “In the beginning, there were lulz, pranks and a culture of trolling just to get a rise out of anyone. But despite many original Anons best efforts, Anonymous has grown up to become the net’s immune system, striking back whenever the hive mind perceived that the institutions that run the world crossed the line into hypocrisy.”

25 best Occupy photos of 2011 – “Below, the best photos of the Occupy movement from the past year.”

In Photo Series, Photographer Defies Gravity And Reality – “Paris-based artist and photographer Philippe Ramette has a passion of defying gravity and reality.”

Morrissey Hacked Into Google Earth – “The Google hack insert is a pixeled replica of Morrissey’s pose on the 1986 The Queen Is Dead LP, right at the virtual replica of the location at St Ignatius Walk in Salford, M5 3RX, United Kingdom” sweet


PK-Training2012 – “Permakultur-Training 2012 – inklusive 72 Stunden-Kurs nach Bill Mollison – März bis Nov. 2012 an 12 verschiedenen Orten neu mit Josef Holzer, Sohn von Sepp Holzer und Margit Rusch Autorin des Buches anders Gärtnern Permakultur Elemente im Hausgarten”

Kevinismus – “Als Kevinismus (auch: Chantalismus) bezeichnet man die krankhafte Unfähigkeit, menschlichem Nachwuchs menschliche Namen zu geben.”

Press Pause Play – “Ein­er­seits bietet die heutige Zeit sicher grandiose Möglichkeiten, der Welt sein Schaf­fen mitzuteilen und so wie z.B. Seth Godin ein Buch kosten­los zu veröf­fentlichen und dabei noch Geld zu ver­di­enen, ander­er­seits besteht angesichts der schieren Masse von uhuere geilem Züg prak­tisch keine Möglichkeit aus diese Masse her­auszustechen, wenn men­sch erst beginnt, Küstler zu sein.”

DMZ is no more – a sad day in comic history, the best graphic novel of the last years ends its run.

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