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Beastie Boy Mike D explains Illin’ on the Colbert Report – “Mike D. of Beastie Boys made a guest appearance on “The Colbert Report” last night, but not to perform. Stephen Colbert invited him on to settle a recent disagreement between New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz and blogger Julieanne Smolinski.”

BLUE VELVETTE (David Lynch rap) – “Music video for “BLUE VELVETTE” by Cancer Merchant”

Somebody That I Used to Know – Walk off the Earth – 4 Guys and 1 Girl – 1 Guitar has nothing to do wth 2 Girls 1 Cup. Or does it?

George Mason University Green Machine plays Rage – Marching Band plays Rage against the Machine. That girl, dancing too enthusiastic, I hate that, but other than that, nice.


Oakland cops complicit in covering name-badges at Occupy protests disciplined – “both the cop and his supervisor have been disciplined for their roles in the incident (the cop for covering his badge, the supervisor for failing to report the illegal conduct). The supervisor, formerly a lieutenant, has been busted down to sergeant, and the officer has been suspended for a month”

glitchr turns facebook bugs into art – “glitchr, a project undertaken by lithuanian laimonas zakas, uses unicode characters to exploit programming bugs of common web destinations (including facebook, tumblr, and google), resulting in visually interesting textual digital art that overwrites the standardized formatting generally used by these sites.”

i’m fucking it – yeh sure, ronald

Bank of America ATMs In San Francisco Turned Into Truth Machines – “RAN activists took to the streets of San Francisco last night and turned every Bank of America ATM in the city into an Automated Truth Machine.”

Could You Be Addicted To The Internet? [POLL] – “Overall, our findings indicate that Internet addiction disorder has abnormal white matter integrity in brain regions involved in emotional generation and processing, executive attention, decision making and cognitive control”

The Valencia Street Swing – “A few weeks ago, some folks hung this swing from a tree branch across the street from Summit Cafe and it somehow managed to survive until late this afternoon.”

106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2011 – “And thats some of the most beloved Street Art Photos posted in 2011 on Street Art Utopia!”

Bathtub Self-Portraits in Unusual Locations by Mariko Sakaguchi – “Japanese artist Mariko Sakaguchi photographs herself sitting in a bathtub in unusual locations like lecture halls, film sets, and offices.”

Designy Temporary Tattoos — Enamorado – “Look at this happy gentleman, with a spring in his step and but one thing on his mind: Love!” <3

New Facebook app lets you choose your last words. – “If I Die lets “you” post a final message to your wall and loved one when you’re dead. After installing the app, you choose three “trustees” (Facebook friends) who are charged with verifying your death.”

swissted – “drawing from his love of punk rock and swiss modernism, two movements that have absolutely nothing to do with one another, mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, and indie rock show flyers into international typographic style posters.”

LEGO stop-motion marriage proposal – “a proposal in stop motion by firepit productions”

Dutch ISPs Ordered To Block The Pirate Bay – “Despite claims that freedom of expression is at stake, today a pair of ISPs have been ordered to block The Pirate Bay. Following a demand from Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN, the Court of The Hague ruled that Ziggo, the largest ISP in the Netherlands, and competitor XS4ALL have to block subscriber access to the world’s most famous torrent site.”

The End of the World – “Planet Earth, Every Street Description: And even if nothing happens, it will still be worth a laugh.” I’m attending. You?

How to Start a Revolution – “His booklet From Dictatorship to Democracy (which you can download as a PDF) provide a list of 198 “non-violent weapons”, including mock awards, alternative communication system, wearing of symbols, pray-in, boycott of elections, withdrawal of bank deposits, consumers’ boycott, renouncing honours, etc.”

The Restart Page – Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems – simulates restarts of old OS … nifty

Helmets Experiments – Includes a Balls, a Heads and a Sexual Collection. Yeh Balls Balls not Balls. Thinking of which, under Sexual there could be a balls version.

LIVE ! – album covers minus the dead ones

2011: The Year in Kickstarter – “So many exciting things happened on Kickstarter in 2011 that we had to celebrate. We scoured the site for the most fascinating stories of the year and we’re thrilled to share them with you here. Thanks!”

gracia studio: endémico resguardo silvestre – “scattered along the sloping terrain of valle de guadalupe, mexico, ‘endémico resguardo silvestre’ is a cluster of twenty hotel rooms, designed by san diego-based practice gracia studio.”

Les planètes du Système Solaire en chocolat – japanese chocolate candy looking like our planets, minus the ring of saturn


Wirtschaft voller Widersprüche – “Wo immer in unserem heutigen Wirtschaftssystem Regeln und Regulierungen von Vertretern der freien Marktwirtschaft propagiert werden, sollten wir kritisch sein. Es handelt sich häufig um einen billigen Bluff um eigene Interessen zu kaschieren, und dieses Metier beherrschen unsere Wirtschaftsexperten ja bekanntlich blendend.”

An den Originalschauplätzen – “Bei aller unterschiedlicher Einschätzung der Vorgänge, die zum Rücktritt von Nationalbankpräsident Philipp Hildebrand führten, lieferten die letzten Wochen einen erhellenden Einblick in die Mechanismen der Medien.”

Okkupiert die Ehe! – “Die Ehe ist out. Wer noch an sie glaubt, ist hoffnungslos romantisch. Junge Paare, die heiraten wollen, gelten als reaktionär. Eine Rettung ihres Rufes könnte die Öffnung der Ehe sein: mehr sprechen über das ganz Private.”

Watchlist: Inges Idee” – “Auf der heutzutage sehr heterogen genutzten, ehemals für die Stadt Berlin repräsentativen Potsdamer Straße werden auf einer Länge von 2 km sieben innerstädtische Situationen verdoppelt.”

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