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Skyrim Intervention – “When Greg’s family and friends finally have enough of him missing out on real life, they must take drastic measures to convince him to stop, but will he listen?”

Super Mario for Piano and Tap dabce – “My friend and Astoria neighbor Alex MacDonald stopped by to lend his awesome tap dance skills to a stride piano version of the “Super Mario World” theme song.”

Flying People in New York City – “Three human shaped RC planes were flown around New York City to create the illusion of people flying. Lots of fun.”

Untitled on Vimeo – Femen protests WEF in Davos

Radar (Rémi Gaillard) – “Dangerously funny videos created and produced by Rémi GAILLARD…”


Valentine’s Day Egg in the Basket – toad in a hole

Simply brilliant. Bake an Egg in an Avocado. – A must-cook

Stream Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die in full – What’s all the fuss about? Does it suck or not? Stream the new Lana Del Rey album to make up your own mind.

Survival Research Laboratories: banned in San Francisco – “SRL was recently banned from performing in San Francisco by the SF fire dept. In December 2011, Somarts, a local gallery venue,/arts support organization in the city asked SRL to participate in I am Crime, a show of artists who had been arrested for activities related to their work.”

Aram Bartholls Darth Anonymous-Mask – “Aram Bartholl hat mit der Anonymous-Maske experimentiert, ein paar Formen gebaut und daraus eine Guy Darth-Maske gebastelt: How To Vacuum Form”

david shrigley: brain activity at hayward gallery, london – “southbank centre’s hayward gallery, london, UK, 1st to may 13th, 2012” great art, wish i was in london

Raising Chickens for Dummies – “It did the best job of anticipating our questions for a low-rent minimal approach. For instance, we had no desire to be cleaning chicken-shit every week, and we opted for deep bedding in the coop, a tip suggested by the book.”

Solid Steel Radio Show 27/1/2012 Part 3 + 4 – Pepe Deluxe by Ninja Tune – “In hour 2 it’s the return of Pepe Deluxe with a mix celebrating the release of his highly anticipated ‘Queen of the wave’ album, out on the 30th January. It’s a concept album,with the usual Pepe elements of late 60’s vinyl influenced sound, plus weird instruments and equipment, including The Great Stalacpipe Organ (the largest instrument in the world).”

Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (from my 5-year-old) – “A fun Sunday project with my daughter on brand logos.” interesting which ones she knows…

Occupy Oakland Move-In Day – Fantastic photos from the occupy oakland move-in day protests

The Flaming Lips ‘Now I Understand’ featuring Apple’s Siri on vocals – “The loose narrative begins with Siri not understanding the moon, the stars, and the sun… but with the power of Erykah Badu’s singing, and her pointing out stars and sun, Siri learns to understand.”

Graphic novelist Craig Thompson on the making of Habibi – “It took the graphic novelist Craig Thompson seven years to complete Habibi, his epic exploration of child slavery and sexual awakening in an imaginary Middle-Eastern kingdom. Here he charts its creation from first thoughts to finished pages”

anselm kiefer: il mistero delle cattedrali – fantastic new work by anselm kiefer, il mistero delle cattedrali. especially that bike just blew my mind

Street Art At Its Best: Duchamp Was Here – clever

A.D.D. comic book: Exclusive essay and excerpt by author Douglas Rushkoff – “But, to me anyway, something never felt right about this line of reasoning. Even if playing video games and answering txt messages shortens the attention span, what if it broadens the attention range? What if the downsides of an A.D.D. approach to life were actually offset by some other, still unidentified advantage? Or in computer programmer’s parlance, what if A.D.D. weren’t a bug, but a feature?”


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