lullaby by chuck palahniuk contd.

already done with the book. another great great read.
i was portioning it, trying to make it last…
psychotic. raw. almost unbearable, but great great great.

a few more exerpts:
“we’re living in a teetering tower of babble. a shaky reality of words. a dna soup for disaster. the natural world destroyed, we’re left with this cluttered world of language.
big brother is singing and dancing, and we’re left to watch. sticks and stones may break your bone, but our role is just to be a good audience. to just pay attention and wait for the next disaster.”

“oyster and his tree-hugging, eco-bullshit, his bio-invasive, apocryphal bullshit. the virus of his information. […] after listening to oyster, a glass of milk isn’t just a nice drink with chocolate chip cookies. it’s cows forced to stay pregnant and pumped up with hormones. it’s the inevitable calves that live a few miserable months, squeezed in veal boxes. a pork chop means a pig, stabbed and bleeding, with s snare around one foot, being hung up to die screaming as it’s sectioned into chops and roasts and lard. even a hard-bolied egg is a hen with her feet crippled from living in a battery cage only four inches wide, so narrow she cant’t raise her wings, so maddening her beak is cut off so she won’t attack the hens on each side of her. with her feathers rubbed off by the cage and her beak cut, she lays egg after egg until her bones are so depleted of calcium that they shatter ate the slaughterhouse.”

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