old mcbanksy had a farm

maan, bombing subway cars is getting old, i need to take my shit to the next level. i need to tag some cattle ::: said raymond in wildstyle.
well banksy did take things to the next level. for brandalism he tagged, or rather branded, cattle.
2 pigs, 2 sheep, 1 cow & 1 bull to be precise.
his show was however closed a few days after it’s opening “…for legal reasons”.

this was banksy’s first “legit” exhibition, yet he managed to keep his incognito, prolly did not even show up for it. instead he published a self-portrait on his website.
brandalism online:
banksy web: turfwar
img: fuck pigs
img: more pigs
news: german article in farbenrausch
news: observer about the show
news: guardian exclusive banksy interview

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