selectah j playlist ::: goosebumps!

it’s dem end ah dem summah, we be feelin’ melancholic. we need music to lift i’n’i’s up, give us dem goosebumps…

1 ::: noiseshaper feat. juggla :: all a dem a do : different drummer
have a listen: online flashplayer
oh man + oh woman. dem a do gimme goosebumps, star. get dem ah brandnu record the signal now! dem lil germans be redefinin’ dub as we waste time speakin about… *meltdown*

2 ::: rsl :: wesley music : players
have a listen: real player
a simple groovy beat and a cheesy as hell sample: “people walk by, the sun repairs my soul, a brighter day, a better day” but it works! it does too!

3 ::: cinematic orchestra :: the awakening of a woman : ninjatune
have a listen: real player
are there words out there to desribe this yet? anthemic. goosebumesque. the cheese. declicalicious. jazz of the highest order.

4 ::: soulsavers :: rumblefish : city rocker
have a listen: nope
here the harmonies are reinventing themselves constantly. can’t wait to hear the rest of the ep

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