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The Flaming Lips: Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee – the flaming lips featuring prefuse 73

D’Schütz isch da – “Since the photos have been tone mapped directly from RAW, they’re only medium and not high dynamic range”

Battle for the Soul of Occupy – “In this Al Jazeera video a profound discussion emerges over the question of how Occupy should deal with the 99% Spring movement.”

A Show – the show – something to watch after we return

OccupiedAir – you can spot us in this stream

GUNS (EM) – making music with gun sounds


Welcome | Your Bank Of America – “And when the day comes that you, the American taxpayer, own this Bank, you will be ready to make it a Bank for America” another great yesmen spoof

Laurie Penny: Real men want to talk about sex – when are we going to start listening? – “The first thing boys learn is that there’s nothing worse than being ‘like a girl’. So men keep quiet”

Anonymous launches new music platform – “a group of programmers affiliated with the faceless web activist group Anonymous launched a new social music program, in development since December, called Anontune. Anonymous is releasing the application as part of its offensive against the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the music industry group that has fought for years to keep free music off the internet.”

URBAN FARMING TOOLS – “The five-piece “Urban Farming Tools”-set comes with a backpack in which all the tools find their place. The detachable handle of the bigger tools can be strapped to the outside of the backpack”

Le Biciclette – vintage super heroes

Occupy Museums – “Art and culture are part of the commons. Art is not a luxury item. However, many art and cultural museums are currently run by and for the 1%. Economic interests dictate what art is accessible, successful, and desirable. Institutions often have board members who are part of the 1%. Galleries and museums increasingly operate as profit-driven business.”

A System of Torture? DMZs Argument through Comment, and Comics – “Brian Wood’s chief character is despondent and sounds like many of us do today in the era of Occupy Wall Street, hostilities in Afghanistan, the Obama administration’s drone campaign, and rampant corruption plaguing state and federal government, all amid an ever-theatric run-up to another presidential election.”

Bug Memorials – R.I.P. Roach

Ben Long | 2 – “Motion-blurred landscapes are presented on commercial billboards in the public realm. For each of these artworks Long has digitally manipulated the image of a historically significant 19th Century oil landscape using computer painting techniques.”

Berners-Lee: Don’t let record labels upset web openness – “We mustn’t allow record companies’ fear that their business model isn’t working to upset the openness of the internet”

Sandy Smith – Mauritian Sunset – “A small doorway was built into the wall, only five and a half foot tall, and two foot wide. The monitors facing forwards showed flat colour, working over the wall to create a rough gradient representation of a classic sunset.”

Talking to Ralf Hütter of Kraftwerk – “Mr. Hütter said a new Kraftwerk album was under way. “We didn’t fall asleep,” he said. “The 168-hour week is still going on since the beginning, since 1970.””

Anna Utopia Giordano | Venus – classical art photoshopped to fit current beauty standards

* SNOWBALL! * – flash pinball game

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